Tech or No Tech

   Week 1 Assignment Worksheet This assignment has two separates: Write a 200-300 tidings cogitation on your use of technology. Complete the Technology Backup Intent is-suesheet. PART 1: Tech NO or Tech KNOW? Your ease after a while technology.    In this separate of the assignment,   you allure fulfill the quality to which you are a “tool using” substance and   reflect upon your vulgar levels of technology use.  Complete the ‘Check Your Tech’ Home Technology        Inventory is-suesheet rest in the Week 1 Resources area. You do not        insufficiency to reverse this in. Reflect on your findings during the employment.  Write 200-300 tidingss summarizing your findings        while correspondent the forthcoming doubts.  What surprised you environing your use         of technology and the kinds of technology you use? Which, if any, of the technologies accept         further to do after a while your professional condition than your retired condition? What does         your technology and         the way you use it say environing you as a peculiar? Type straightly into the box   below. Make unquestioning to answer to each doubt over. Please demonstration learn and   spell stop your is-sue.   Continue to the contiguous page.    PART 2: Technology Back-Up Plan Unfortunately, computers jar and Internet connections fail—usually at the most obstructive occasions. It is dignified to accept a intent in fix, upright in contingency. After all, instructors foresee assignments to be reverseed in on occasion, despising of technical difficulties.  Fortunately, there is lots of succor beneficial if you perceive where to seem for it. Completing this is-suesheet and printing it out allure arrange you after a while inherent notice when you most insufficiency it.  Tips:  Update this notice each occasion you amend your intent. Contact your Instructor straightway if you accept a technology      emergency, such as if your computer jares.    Walden Website   Addresses If your computer is not   working, you may insufficiency to admittance your online rounds and other university   services from a opposed computer. Usually, we do not memorize these   addresses as they are bookmarked on the computer. You allure insufficiency this   notice if you surrender your bookmarks.   Walden website discourse: ________________________________ Website disround for admittanceing online rounds (at Walden, this is   through your myWalden gateway page): _________________________________    Two   Alternative Computers Identify a poverty of two resource computers that   you could use at any occasion throughout the account in contingency your considerable computer   is not is-sueing. If your home computer is your considerable computer, then you allure   insufficiency to catalogue two further.       Alternative Computer 1 Location: Hours: Alternative Computer 2 Location: Hours:    File Backup System Backup or hinder your round files weekly to an   external push (recommended),   recordable CD or DVD, Flash or USB push, or a overcast advantage. or other postulates   storage cognizance. This ensures you allure accept admittance to dignified files plain if   you cannot admittance your computer.    I allure endup   files to this part, cognizance, or fix: __________________________    File Backup   Schedule It is dignified to end up your files regularly. A   best usage is to picked a occasion and day each week to thorough this operation,   then transcribe it on your weekly register.   I allure endup files on this day each week: ____________________________    Contact Information It is dignified to accept touch notice printed   out for regard in contingency of a technology deficiency. Tip: Touch your Instructor straightway when you accept a technology   emergency, such as if your computer jares. Stop the spelling of the   instructor’s spectry in the email discourse. A typo in an email disround media the email won’t get through.    Technology   Support Services: Student Support Team: Technical Support   E-mail:  Phone:  Hours:  Instructor:  Name: E-mail: Phone: Office: Time zone: