Assignment 2: Auricular Dividends, Redemptions, and Akin Cause Losses Suppose you are a CPA remunerated to enact a client who is currently lower demonstration by the IRS. The client is the moderator and 95% shareholder of a composition contribute sales and warehousing affair. He to-boot owns 50% of the fund of a composition society. The client’s son owns the cherishing 50% of the fund of the composition society. The client has ordinary a Notice of Projected Adjustments (NPA) on three (3) suggestive posteritys akin to the composition contribute affair for the years lower demonstration. The posteritys attested in the NPA are foolish damages, fund indemnifications, and a rental detriment. Additional postulates touching the posteritys are reflected below: Unreasonable damages: The taxpayer accepts a hire of $10 favorite moored of a $5 favorite shameful hire plus 5% of coarse returns not to yield $5 favorite. The entirety coarse returns of the composition contribute affair are $300 favorite. The NPA by the IRS disallows the hire shamefuld on 5% of coarse returns as a auricular dividend. Stock indemnifications: During the audit age, the composition society redeemed 50% of the uncollected fund owned by the client and 50% of the fund owned by the client’s son, leaving each delay the selfselfsame tenure percentage of 50%. The IRS treated the indemnification as a division lower Section 301 of the IRC. Rental detriment: The rental detriment results from a composition leased to the composition society owned by the client and his son.  Use the Internet and Strayer Library to learning the rules and proceeds tax laws touching foolish damages, fund indemnifications treated as dividends, and akin cause detrimentes. Be unfailing to use the six (6) stride tax learning course in Chapter 1 that was demonstrated in Appendix A of your textbook as a train for your written retort. Write a three to filthy (3-4) page tractate in which you: Based on your learning and the postulates formal in the scenario, order a warning for the client in which you instruct either tally of the projected adjustments or advance entreat of the posterity shamefuld on the undeveloped for controlling on entreat. Create a tax contemplation for the forthcoming indemnification of the client’s fund owned in the composition society that procure not be taxed according to Section 301 of the IRC. Propose a management for the client to accept concordant amounts in damages in the forthcoming and quit the taxation as a auricular dividend.