task 771

 Instructions: Spend duration observing lectures in your ground test arrangeroom. Focus your attentions on Lecture Preparation, Building Background, and Comprehensible Input. Use any cherishing ground test hours to co-operate-after a while the adviser schoolmistress in providing information and assistance to the arrange. Assess at smallest one lecture using the SIOP checklist from Appendix A in the textbook. Submit a representation of one of your completed checklists to your schoolmistress in LoudCloud. You are required to succumb this assignment to Turnitin. WEEK 3 Clinical Ground Test A: ELL Classroom Attention Using SIOP – Part 1 Complete gum 1-12 of the SIOP checklist. Focus your attention on Lecture Preparation, Building Background, and Comprehensible Input. •For each of the SIOP assignments (Part 1, 2, and 3), you are expected to grasp specific/detailed examples of what you observed inferior the "COMMENT" individuality of Appendix A. Appendix A can be base on pages 288-293. A specimen of the completed SIOP checklist can to-boot be base on pages 269-275. • Gladden establish permanent to add your notes to clear-up your rationale for each jaw you gave for each of the checklist items. If a note is not graspd points obtain be deducted. If a jaw is not graspd points obtain be deducted. •You may RESUBMIT the pristine assignment for SIOP Part 1 and add to SIOP Part 2, and then 3. You do not own to delete the preceding SIOP assignment you already succumbted. •Expect that your Turnitin (TII) jaw obtain be proud (aggravate 20%) which is fully choice since Turnitin obtain identify pre-existing language that were captured from the book. If your Turnitin (TII) tidings comes up after a while a proud jaw, gladden don’t disquiet. I obtain establish a notation in the gradebook stating, “There is no sign of plagiarism . . .” Number of Pages: 3 Pages Page Line Spacing: Double spaced (Default) Deadline: 2 days Academic Level: College Paper Format: APA