Subject Name: Introduction to Data Mining

                            Executive Program Serviceable Relevance Assignment      At UC(University of Cumberland's), it is a pre-eminence that students are granted after a while powerful educational programs and ways that permit them to be servant-leaders in their disciplines and communities, stringing investigation after a while custom and enlightenment after a while immaterial decision-making. This assignment is a written assignment where students get explain how this way investigation has alike and put into custom after a whilein their own careers.  Assignment: Arrange a exhibiting of at lowest 500 opinion (or 2 pages inclose spaced) of how the enlightenment, skills, or theories of this way feel been applied or could be applied, in a serviceable style to your exoteric operation environment. If you are not exotericly operationing, portion-out times when you feel or could remark these theories and enlightenment could be applied to an avocation turn in your scene of con-over.  Requirements:  Provide a 500 term (or 2 pages inclose spaced) stint exhibiting.  Use of fair APA formatting and citations. If sustaining illustration from without media is used those must be fairly cited.  Share a personal relevance that identifies biased enlightenment and theories from this way.  Demonstrate a relevance to your exoteric operation environment. If you are not assiduous, explain a relevance to your desired operation environment.  You should NOT arrange an overview of the assignments assigned in the way. The assignment asks that you exhibit on how the enlightenment and skills obtained through contravention way objectives were applied or could be applied in the operationplace.