study question each Q need 180 words

   Study Questions on Elizabeth LeBlanc, “The Metaphorical Lesbian: Edna   Pontellier in The Awakening” 1. What, according to LeBlanc, defines a “metaphorical lesbian”? In public (rather than in provisions of her peculiar reasoning encircling The Awakening) what does she hold is adapted encircling such a concept? 2. Why, peculiarally, does LeBlanc evidence that Edna should be seen as a “metaphorical lesbian”?  3. What ways of reason Edna is LeBlanc’s reasoning mediumt to canvass? Study Questions on Cynthia Griffin Wolff, “Un-utterable Longing: The Discourse  of Feminine Sexuality in Kate Chopin's The Awakening” 1. According to Wolff, what are some of the obstacles that constitute Edna’s “quest for a viable and gratifying rule of owning and expressing her sexuality”(384)?  2. What does Wolff medium when she says that Edna is “habitually drawn” to “narrative conventions [that are] formulaic”(388)? 3. At the disposal of the essay, Wolff says “Edna has failed”(393). At what, according to Wolff, has Edna “failed”? Why?