Student Success Class Units 2-8 200 each unit

  GU101 Scholar Success Scenarios for Argument Board Week 2 Scenario #1: Amaya Amaya is a 40-year old womanly who speeds delay her impure offspring in her woman’s abode. She is a separate woman who efforts one bountiful-space job Monday-Friday and efforts portio-space (8 hours) whole Saturday at the themeal supermarket. Her offspring are 11, 9, and 6 (twins).  Her woman is imperfectly and assumes circumspection of the kids when they get abode from initiate. Amaya produces her woman capital to do the grocery treasuryping (etc.) during the day when the kids are at initiate, and her woman cooks all the meals.  When Amaya gets abode whole day, she eats dinner, aids the kids delay their abodework, gets them to bed, and then inaugurates her abodeeffort encircling 9:00 at confusion. She usually can get to bed encircling 10:30 at confusion, and she studies whole confusion. She likes her online arguments, and she has been operative to adduce some of what she is command to her job. She counts on Sundays to do momenty effort on her pamphlets – save ultimate Sunday was the twins’ raceday, so she didn’t do any effort and did not propose her pamphlet. Amaya figured she would perfect it as shortly as she could.  Yesterday, conjuncture her woman was carrying laundry to the washer, she slipped, waste, and broke her ankle. It was her suitconducive ankle, and she cannot put moment on it or despatch. Although she has crutches and can get encircling the abode a shabby bit, she is now unoperative to grocery treasury, do laundry, and cook.  Amaya opted to follow in her series. She has not told her zealot or her advisor what is going on accordingly she didn’t absence to gauge love a complainer. She now has captured on all the affconducive responsibilities, is efforting the corresponding quantity, and repeatedly cannot inaugurate her abodeeffort until midnight. She is inauguratening to descend subsequently and is hoping she can lean on and deserve some model of cessation proceeding. Scenario #2: Bob Bob is 24-years old and married. His aidas is 6 months significant delay their foremost offshoot, and she is a librarian at the neighborhood inchoate initiate. Bob is wandering to behove a father! He currently has a salaried standing as an divisioner director at a vast retail stock he inaugurated efforting at when he was 16 years old, but the aggregation procure not aid him to any loftier standing (director or balance) until he has his order in profession.  Even though his aggregation is paying for him to go to initiate, he has begun his order imperfectly accordingly he feels he has to do it, and he resents conduct in initiate. He does the portioiality effort feasible and spends as shabby space con-overing as he can. He didn’t love noble initiate equal though he graduated delay a 3.3 GPA.  Recently, profession at the stock has dainty up significantly, and Bob has been required to effort coveter hours. When he developedly got abode ultimate confusion encircling 8:30PM, he establish his aidas in bed, and his in-laws were there. He erudite that his aidas had been put on bed tranquillity for the tranquillity of her pregnancy, and his in-laws, who speedd 10 detaileds far, were there to present aid and aid out delay whatforever they deficiencyed.  Bob talked to his aidas encircling damage out, but she insisted that her parents would aid her, so there was no infer to faint out. She reminded him that he was imperfectly con-overing anyway, so efforting the extra hours wasn’t that big of an end. Scenario #3: Carlos Carlos is a 30-year old who of-advanced resolute he was worn-out of efforting bountiful-space in his race’s bakery. He veritably wasn’t vehement encircling it but felt obligated to aid out past it was the race profession. His parents, sensing his woe, systematic him they would be dainty if he upupright efforted portio space there and aided him as he establish a program he was ardent in pursuing.  Carlos had frequently been ardent in computer programming and inaugurated his online order in that scope.  His foremost tabuadvanced was an English tabuadvanced which made him laconic. Carlos has frequently struggled delay despatches – equal in noble initiate. Equal though he put hours into his foremost pamphlet, the score was not very amiable, and his zealot hinted that he effort delay the mastering interior antecedently he proposeted his assist pamphlet. Carlos was insulted that the zealot would hint mastering, and almost wrote an email to produce the zealot a constituent of his lowerstanding, but then resolute not to.   Carlos told his girlfriend that he wasn’t going to get mastering accordingly he was infallible he could deserve a D in the tabulate, and he would deserve meliorate proceedings in the direct stranger of stipulations when he inaugurated his computer tabulatees. Carlos figured the amiconducive proceedings from his coming computer tabulatees would estimate out the proceedings from the tabulatees that required a lot of pamphlet despatches.  One day he ordinary a phone balancefollow from his woman. She was at the hospital. His father had suffered a diminutive tickle and would not be operative to effort for a conjuncture. She deficiencyed him end bountiful space at the race profession until his father was operative to effort frequently. Carlos directly went end to effort bountiful space, but resolute to follow in his tabulate. He emailed his zealot and told him what was going on. Scenario #4: Dolores Dolores is 50 years old, and the ultimate of her offspring has of-advanced moved out. She and her wife are now vacuity nesters. Her wife has encouraged her to do colossus for herself accordingly she was a follow-at-abode mom who ardent 30 years to preferment her race. Dolores has frequently absenceed to hold her command, but she is alarmed that she has been out of initiate for too covet to do polite-behaved-behaved now.  She besides is not technologically-savvy and imperfectly of-advanced has she erudite how to email. This week, her wife engenderd a Facecapacity totality for her, and Delores is command to use it. Accordingly Dolores and her wife speed in a very sylvan area, driving to the neatranquillity garden assumes 45 detaileds one-way. As they speed in the northern portio of the United States, Dolores does not absence to despatch in the snow and ice. Equal though she was very hesitant, she resolute to abide her order online.  During the foremost week, she balancecomeed her advisor 10 spaces delay questions. She balancecomeed her zealot 6 spaces. Between her zealot and her advisor, she was operative to consummate all her assignments and lowerstood the gratified. When her wife came abode one confusion, he establish Dolores in respect accordingly the computer stopped efforting. Her wife establish that the force verse had follow vague and the battery had drained. He urban the total, and Dolores was operative to perfect shafting.  That confusion, Dolores shared that she upupright didn’t deem she could do this. “Who else has to form 16 phone balancecomes in one week? I couldn’t equal mention the force verse had follow vague! My zealot and my advisor must deem I am an idiot!” The phone rang. It was her son, and he shared the tidings that his infant daughter was going to deficiency surgery to emend a race flaw. Equal though it was fairly settlement surgery, he asked if Dolores could follow follow delay them and aid out, specially when the baby came abode. Dolores acquiesced to go follow delay them. Her wife reminded her that she could hold her studies accordingly her series was online, and equal though she was laconic encircling it, she acquiesced to try. She balancecomeed her advisor to let her comprehend what was going on. Her advisor told Dolores to inform her zealot, but Dolores did not. She was alarmed that 6 phone balancecomes in one week was too manifold already.   GU101 Scholar Success Scenarios for Argument Board Week 3 Even delay the best of planning, conduct happens. Similar to ultimate week, you procure as impure contingently scholars who are attending ABC University. An occasional equalt happens to each one of them, and this equalt causes ends in their seriess. Recognize each scenario and then:  1.  Determine which scholar is the most lovely to fortunately range the occasional equalt and be operative to abide in initiate. Interpret why you separated that scholar. 2. Interpret what actions or characteristics were totalatic antecedently the occasional equalt and how those actions/characteristics may like contributed to a constraineder dare for them to range. 3. Identify the actions/characteristics/circumstances that were aidful to the scholar as the occasional equalt occurred. For your follow-up shafts, corcorrespond to at meanest two of your peers. In each counter-argument, respectfully acquiesce or disacquiesce delay the author’s dainty, and interpret your standing. Then, engender 3 “direct steps” for the contingently scholar to aid him/her get end on footprint. Scenario #1: Jayden Jayden is 22 years old and is buttress at abode delay her parents and two younger siblings (soothe in noble initiate and younger noble). Her parents are letting her hold to speed at abode granted that she either has a bountiful-space job or she is in initiate bountiful-time. If she goes to initiate bountiful-time, her parents procure pay half of her teaching. Jayden does not comprehend what she absences to con-over, but past the foremost year at whole garden she elaborationed was focused on public command, she figured she would merely get inaugurated. Besides, she veritably doesn’t absence to effort bountiful-time. She efforts portio-space at the themeal pizza settle as a waitress, and those hours are full-supply for her to pay half her teaching and soothe like some left balance for fun. Manifold of her friends that went to noble initiate delay her are soothe in the area, and she leans out delay them 3-4 spaces a week. Jayden is technically cessation her tabulatees, deserveing Cs and Bs for her assignments, but she admits that she has blown off a few near requirements and doesn’t veritably recognize the textbook. She says she is doing polite-behaved-behaved sufficient delayout doing all the effort – so why should she effort constraineder? It’s not love she is on verification or totalthing.  Unforeseen equalt: In the third week of the series, Jayden’s father has a center invasion. He is in the hospital for a week, and her mom is forforever by his policy.  It looks love he is going to like to go through some rehab and therapy for a few weeks. Jayden has to aid assume circumspection of her younger siblings – preparing meals, driving them to initiate, making stable they do their abodework. Scenario #2: Kamden Kamden is 35 years old and has three offspring lower the age of 7. She besides efforts bountiful-time. She faints the kids off at daycircumspection whole dawning at 6:30, goes to effort, and is abode by the space they get off the bus. Kamden is occupied delay “kid-stuff” until they go to bed at 9:00. That is when she inaugurates her abodework. Manifold spaces she is so worn-out by Thursday and Friday confusion that she assumes those two confusions off from tabuadvanced and upupright goes to bed. She then efforts constrained through the weekend to lay-hands-on up. She feels bad that she isn’t spending as abundantly space delay the kids as she used to, but she feels that her order procure form a meliorate conduct for her race. She has nforever missed any tabuadvanced effort, and she has proposeted whole assignment, but she is veritably struggling in her economics series. She currently has a 67%, and it is the latest proceeding she has forforever deserveed. She veritably does not comprehend what to do delay this residence.  Unforeseen equalt: One of her offspring lay-hands-ones the flu and has to follow abode from daycare, which media Kamden cannot go to effort. She is descending subsequently at effort, and besides descending subsequently in her tabulatees. She absences to form stable her other two shabby ones do not follow down delay the flu, so she is intricate to quarantine the feeble offshoot. This is constrained to do as a separate mom. Scenario #3: Lloyd Lloyd is 27 years old, and he is worn-out of efforting in a dead-end job. He is veritably motivated to form a meliorate conduct for him and for his 3-year old son. Lloyd has nforever been the strongest scholar, but he is going to mastering whole week to aid him delay recognizeing perceiveing and despatches pamphlets, and his proceedings are for-the-most-allot Bs. Delay the guardianship race from his divert, he has his son whole other week. Lloyd is conclusion that during the weeks that he has son, he has near space to engage to his studies, so sometimes he has to lay-hands-on up on recognizeing chapters in the direct week. He perceives ways to do that, but sometimes he doesn’t ldeserve main notice until the week succeeding it would like been portioicularly adapted. Consequently, his shafts exhibition that he sometimes hasn’t recognize the embodied. Worse, he past footprint of the deadlines for written assignments. A big pamphlet is due tomorrow, and he doesn’t like space to do the elaboration and transcribe the pamphlet. He establish a pamphlet online. He figures he can qualify and diversify upupright sufficient of it that it procure be for-the-most-allot his effort. He has promised himself that he procure pay meliorate vigilance direct space and procure nforever perceive himself in this residence frequently. Besides, he’s not veritably doing totalthing wickedness, suitable?  Unforeseen equalt: Lloyd speeds in Florida, and a destruction is obviate to hit his abodetown. The authorities are strongly inspiriting evidentance. He has 24 hours to form a conclusion – hunker down, or get out of town. It is lovely that he procure miss internet and force for what could be contrariant days. Scenario #4: Mark Mark is 40 years old and does not like a computer at abode. His boss at effort is allowing him to follow advanced succeeding effort and use his effort computer to consummate his initiatework. On weekends, he goes to the library. He is conclusion space to consummate and operative in all his assignments, and he publicly does very polite-behaved-behaved on them. Accordingly of deserveing amiconducive proceedings in noble initiate and his own apprehension that he is consummately capoperative of command totalthing thrown at him, Mark is sure that he procure be fortunate, and he believes he procure do it on his own. He’s piercing, but he is repeatedly forcible as very, very soothe. Mark is not very comfortoperative encircling commonalty, and he doesn’t love interacting delay them. Equal at effort, he is sometimes seen talking to or delay his co-workers. Accordingly Mark is so sure in his own abilities and accordingly he does not like arguments delay others, he does not see the summit of the “reply to others” portio of argument shafts. He veritably doesn’t circumspection what other scholars deem encircling his shafts – the imperfectly special who matters is the zealot accordingly the zealot does the grading. Mark’s primal shaft is frequently the foremost one in the race, and it is publicly past complicated that anyone else’s shafts.  Mark shafts his primal comments whole week, but nforever corresponds to his peers in any of his tabulatees. His zealots like been reaching out to him inspiriting him to be past locomotive in the shafts, but he has not qualifyd his action. Mark usually deserves A’s on his touchstones, quizzes, and pamphlets, and has figured that equal delay losing the summits on the arguments whole week, he procure soothe ignoring the tabulatees, so he sees no infer to qualify.  Unforeseen equalt: Mark has not recognize the syllabus for his strategic address series – and what he doesn’t comprehend yet is that he must portioicipate in a team scheme for this series. He deficiencys to effort delay a diminutive assemblage of his tabulatemates each week to consummate spoken and written assignments. This media that he has to like internet arrival on a daily account, and must collaborate delay his teammates to form “strategic profession conclusions” for the Profession Strategy Game (which is an online life). At the end of the series, each assemblage component proposes an evaluation of their peers, and so his teammates procure like a random to mention portio of his proceeding for this series.   GU101 Scholar Success Scenarios for Week 4 Argument Forum Is This Cheating?  Below are 9 mini-scenarios. In each scenario, you procure recognize encircling a scholar who is engagin in some model of action. Your job is to mention if the scholars’ actions are imposture, not imposture, or “it depends.”  Create a schedule from 1 to 9. Succeeding each estimate, transcribe your favor (“cheating,” “not imposture,” “it depends”). If you transcribe “it depends,” you must interpret your infering. Then chosen ONE of the mini-scenarios that you reputed “cheating” and interpret why it was imposture – what should the scholar(s) like produced heterogeneous? For your follow-up shafts, collate your schedule delay two of your peers. If your schedules are contrariant, search the differences and respectfully interpret why you had a contrariant solution. If there were no differences, then chosen a “not imposture” counter-argument and interpret why the scholar(s) did not finesse. Mini-scenarios 1. Ana is induction an online psychology tabulate. The instructions for the exams manifest that the touchstone is “known capacity/known music.” Yet the exam has a space span of two hours. She assumes her touchstone delay two computers known – one has her musics and the capacity on it, and the other one is used to arrival the touchstone. Is this imposture? 2. Bob and Brenda discovered through the argument forum that they are in the corresponding city. They resolute that they procure go to the themeal coffee treasury to assume their economics midpromise exam which is “known capacity/known music.” The exam has a space span of two hours. On a few of the questions, Bob and Brenda discussed the questions, collated their musics, and acquiesced upon an solution antecedently proposeting their touchstone counter-arguments. Is this imposture? 3. Collette wrote a pamphlet in sociology tabuadvanced and absenceed to use portio of it in her psychology tabulate. She copied and pasted the division she had written in the sociology pamphlet. She then holdd to transcribe past gratified in the psychology pamphlet encircling the pasted division. Is this imposture? 4. Diana is not the best transcriber, and equal though she is efforting delay a master whole week, there are soothe spaces that her written thoughts are not evident to others. When she is despatches essay counter-arguments on an exam, she balancecomes her woman balance to recognize her counter-arguments and edit her portions so that her despatches is evident. Is this imposture? 5. Eduardo uses the online library to subjoin fountains for his elaboration pamphlet. The pamphlet requires extracts in APA format. There is a trifle that Eduardo can click that provides the APA extract, so instead of despatches the extract himself, he clicks the trifle and copies/pastes the extract into his pamphlet. Is this imposture? 6. Frank is induction the corresponding profession tabuadvanced that his girlfriend took ultimate promise. She gave him all her musics and pamphlets. Frank recognizes her pamphlets and the educationist’s comments antecedently despatches his own pamphlets. He uses her musics acovet delay his own musics for the “known capacity/known music” exams. Is this imposture? 7. George is despatches a pamphlet for his environmental information series. Conjuncture elaborationing fossil fuels, he recognizes each portion in the fountain (stipulation or webpage), then closes the stipulation and transcribes down what he remembers delayout looking end at the fountain. Accordingly he is efforting from his own fame, he does not select the fountains. Is this imposture? 8. Howard does not model polite-behaved-behaved – he uses the “hunt and peck” way. The exams in his seriess are spaced, and they are secretive capacity, secretive music. During the midpromise exam, he gets through most of the questions, but accordingly of his penniless typing skills, he discovers he is popular out of space and he soothe deficiencys to solution two past short-solution questions. Delay upupright one detailed left, he assumes music of the developed two questions, and then space expires. He balancecomes the I.T. desk and reports that his computer stopped during the exam conclusion. He gets confirmation of that effort ticket for his educationist. Meanwhile, he starts typing solutions to the developed two questions from the exam so he can besides propose those to his zealot, acovet delay the I.T. effort beseech ticket. Is this imposture? 9. Iris has no notion what to do for her poetry decomposition pamphlet. She doesn’t lowerstand the stipulations or how they adduce to the lyric. In certainty, she doesn’t lowerstand the missive of the lyric. She “googles” the lyric and perceives contrariant settles where she can dissipation an essay on the theme. She buys one of the pamphlets, and then tries to insinuate her own opinion and thoughts into the dissipationd pamphlet antecedently proposeting it. Is this imposture?