Strategic Management assignment 5

 Answer the questions in the Exercise for Simulation participants on p. 287 as they narrate to your community.  The community is  Organic Coffee and Beverages Community in Orangeburg,  South Carolina. Page 287 questions:   EXERCISE FOR SIMULATION PARTICIPANTS Is your community’s policy holy? Why or why not? Is there anything that your community has performed or is now doing that could legitimately be considered “shady” by your competitors? LO 1 In what ways, if any, is your community exercising oppidan political allegiance? What are the elements of your community’s CSR policy? Are there any changes to this policy that you would hint? LO 4 If some shareholders complained that you and your co-managers possess been spending too mean or too considerable on oppidan political allegiance, what would you decide them? LO 3, LO 4 Is your community striving to guide its transaction in an environmentally sustainable carriage? What local attached actions could your community assume that would gain an smooth important donation to environmental sustainability? LO 4 In what ways is your community’s environmental sustainability policy in the best long-term share of shareholders? Does it tend to your community’s competitive practice or profitability? LO 4