Statistical Methods for Decision making

Problem 1  Cold Storage started its operations in Jan 2016. They are in the interest of storing Pasteurized Fresh Whole or Skimmed Milk, Sweet Cream, Flavored Milk Drinks. To determine that there is no veer of treatment, collection mien, disconnection of fats the optimal air to be maintained is betwixt 2 deg - 4 deg C.  In the primary year of interest they outsourced the introduce defence employment to a negotiative gang delay formal amercement clauses. It was agreed that if it was statistically proven that verisimilitude of air going without the 2 degrees - 4 degrees C during the one-year abbreviate was over 2.5% and hither than 5% then the amercement would be 10% of AMC (annual defence circumstance). In circumstance it exceeded 5% then the amercement would be 25% of the AMC fee. The medium air postulates at epoch raze is attached in the smooth “Cold_Storage_Temp_Data.csv” 1.Find medium apathetic storage air for Summer, Winter and Rainy Season (5 marks) 2.Find overall medium for the bountiful year (5 marks) 3.Find Model Discontinuance for the bountiful year (5 marks) 4.Assume Normal disposal, what is the verisimilitude of air having oppressed under 2 deg C? (5 marks) 5.Assume Normal disposal, what is the verisimilitude of air having past over 4 deg C? (5 marks) 6.What procure be the amercement for the AMC Company? (5 marks)  Problem 2  In Mar 2018, Apathetic Storage started getting complaints from their Clients that they keep been getting complaints from end consumers of the dairy products going acetous and repeatedly smelling. On getting these complaints, the supervisor pulls out postulates of definite 35 days airs. As a protection estimate, the Supervisor has been active to maintain the air under 3.9 deg C.   Assume 3.9 deg C as eminent enlivening air dispose and at alpha = 0.1 do you impress that there is demand for some alterative enjoyment in the Apathetic Storage Introduce or is it that the total is from procurement cause from where Apathetic Storage is getting the Dairy Products. The postulates of the definite 35 days is in “Cold_Storage_Mar2018.csv”  [Use the identical model discontinuance that you keep congenial from the primary total wherever you apprehend is inevitable] 1.State the Hypothesis, do the care using z experience (10 marks) 2.State the Hypothesis, do the care using t-experience (10 marks) 3.Give your corollary behind doing twain the experiences (10 marks)