Starting a Business Assignment – due in 24 hours

  Instructions for the assignment: Take some age to discovery irrelative exemptions.  Go to their websites and face through their political instrument accounts.  Decide on one exemption that you would endow in.  Not all callinges tender exemption opportunities, so you may keep to exploration through a few irrelative companies.  Typically, exemption instruction is located on the groundwork of a aggregation's website.  Answer the subjoined questions. 1. a.   Name the calling you would endow in.       b.   List their indicate and website.       c.   Describe the requirements of owning the exemption you mentioned in #1. (financial obligations of net merit, mellifluous effects, qualifications, etc.) 2.  Go to The Fish Call (Links to an palpable position.)  and seize a face at the "About Us" combine adown "Info."  What is this aggregation environing and did you ascertain everything striking environing what you interpret? 3.  Question 1 challenged you to observe of a exemption you would observe endowing in.  Question 2 had you interpret environing how a calling was working delay an entrepreneur.  Observe of the positives and challenges of owning a exemption versus owning your own calling.  Would you rather own your own calling inconsequently or behove a exemptione?  List 3 reasons sustaining your firmness. Once you keep answered these questions, put coincidently a calling write-up (essay) in a Word instrument.  Document Requirements: Use the Assignment Template.docx to emblem your instrument.  Font (Times New Roman), font extent (12), 1-inch margins and double-spacing is already set up for you.  Your instrument tediousness should be about 1-2 pages.  Please criticism balance the rubric adown to adownstand how you gain be graded for this assignment.  Save your write-up and comply as a .doc, .docx, or PDF. The assignment must be complyted as an kindness in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. Proper phraseology, spelling, and punctation is expected.