Topic: What  Can African Leaders  do strategically that would contact the continent unconditionally in the Future. This scheme consists of two parts: · Part one is a discourse in the mould of a collocation Nursing Dissertation that you get plan for gift at the interdiplomatic convocation on leadership using the assigned lection and other sources. The discourse should be 1200 vote (±10% excluding contemplative and references) to plan the main objects of your gift. Include organizational leadership and inspired worldview concepts amid a global perspective as you search to influence an hearers of your peers. · Show an conception of strategic thinking, a global forthcoming, and driving forces topics · Show an conception of cause-effect relationships betwixt concepts and outcomes · Show integration of organizational leadership and inspired worldview · Part two is a PowerPoint gift comprising 8-10 slides that you get educe to notice your discourse. Refer to the agreement guidelines for what is anticipated in a illustrative collocation Nursing Dissertation (that is how to debate the object of your discourse).