Selected Topic:  Deliver an elevator cast that describes your administrative enhancement and proof for a undeveloped employer during a job confabulation environing nature and mischance prophylactic. (see adown for oration draft)   I.Outline for a oration Epithet of your oration Topic Date of donation I.Introduction A. Capture your audience’s observation after a while a note, fable, or idiosyncratic proof B. Construct up to your event or the ocean discuss for your oration C. Summarize the ocean conception of your oration. Quickly declare your three ocean summits 1. Earliest Ocean Summit 2. Second Ocean Summit 3. Third Ocean Summit  II.First Ocean Point: Working after a while draft enumerateed extract in Microsoft Word A. You can instigate an draft enumerateed individual to the mismisappropriate enumerateing equalize 1. On the Formatting toolbar:  a) To demote the individual to a inferior enumerateing equalize (1) click a register enumerate (2) click Increase Indent.  b) To elevate the individual to a better enumerateing equalize (1) click a register enumerate (2) click Decrease Indent.  B. You can use this act to succor you sketch your oration and adjust your thoughts. III.Second Ocean Point: Creating a Microsoft PowerPoint donation from a Word draft A. Environing creating a PowerPoint donation from a Word Draft 1. PowerPoint uses the inscription modes in your Word instrument a) Inscription modes are applied when you use enumerateed drafts (1) Inscription modes are already peevish on for you in this template.  (2) For stance, each condition formatted after a while the Inscription 1 mode becomes the epithet of a new slide, each Inscription 2 becomes the earliest equalize of extract, and so on.  B. Act 1. Open the instrument you deficiency to use to generate a PowerPoint donation.  2. On the File menu, summit to Send To, and then click Microsoft PowerPoint.  C. This act makes it unconstrained for you to generate a PowerPoint donation established on the notes you’ve handy for your oration in Word.  IV.Main Summit 3: Creating an draft from an material instrument allows you to construct on composition you’ve already manufactured  A. If you use inscription modes to generate longer instruments, you can see a instrument's structure in Draft scene, and use it to fit your oration. B. To acquire over environing Draft scene, see Microsoft Word Help.  V.Conclusion A. Redeclare your three ocean summits 1. Earliest Ocean Summit 2. Second Ocean Summit 3. Third Ocean Summit B. Summarize the conceptions you’ve presented C. Return to your gate or decide after a while a compelling assert