speech 103

    Speech    103   1. What    is    impression    management?    Describe    how    you    have    successfully    (or  not    successfully)    employed    the    tools    of    impression treatment in this dispose. Describe three state    or    scenarios in the advenient and how you  will inure principles/applications    of    impression  management. 2. What    organizational    pattern    did    you    choose    for    your    affable harangue? Why    did    you    choose    this    pattern    over    the    others?    Briefly,paint    the headings    of    an    outline    showing    how   you    might    have    arranged your affable    harangue    using other    organizational    patterns.    Obviously, identify    the    pattern    you    are    using. 3. is    most    important/highest    quality    commencement    you    cite    in    your    speech?    Why?    What    is    the    weakest commencement?    Why?    Make    explicit    reference    to    the tests    of    evidence    in    answering. 4. Identify    an    example    of    public    speaking    in    the    world,    or    history.    Make  specific    reference    by    citing    to    a    URL,    or    providing    a    transcript    of    this    speech.    Identify    how    the    principles     of    ethos,    pathos    and    logos    are    employed    in    the    harangue    (extra    credit    for    mythos). 5. Find    examples    of    each    of    Cialdini’s    six    weapons    of    influence    in    the    world    or    history.    Describe    the    example    and    how    the    principle    is    employed. 6. Find    a    TED    talk.    Analyze    the    speakers    delivery    using    all    applicable  principles. 7. Find    examples    of    the    use    antimetabole,    metaphor,    parallel    phrasing, alliteration    in    the    world,    or    history.    For    each    explain    how    you    used,    or    could    have    used,    these    rhetorical    devices    in    your    affable    speech. 8. Find    an    example    of    poor    graphic    design    in    the     world,    or    history.    Attach    it,    and    explain    why    it    is    poor    use    of    graphic    design    and    describe    how    it    could     have    been    improved. 9. Describe    the    tactical    changes    you    would    make    in    giving    your    harangue    to    hostile,    neutral,    and    favorable    audiences.    Describe    specifically    the    demographics and BAV    systems    of    each    audience,    and    how    you    would    tailor    your    speech. 10. Identify    10    things    you    learned    in    this    course.