Solving the Problem: Five-Step Marketing Research Approach Presentation

Purpose of Assignment  The view of this assignment is to settle students in the erratic role of a marketing overseer after a while a height imminent the construction's exercise. Students procure suit to a favoring scenario that requires them to discourse the concepts twain critically and creatively to unfold the scenario's scrape.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Marketing: Ch. 2: pg. 40-46, 54-69; Ch. 3: pg. 72-92; Ch. 8: pg. 207-227; Ch. 9: pg. 242-257 Scenario: You are the marketing overseer for a topical nonprofit passion whose funding is fixed on contortment fees. You've noticed a grave droop in new contortments and a discard in rehearse contortments, which is imminent your construction's ability to survive and extend. You feel unwavering to instrument the Five-Step Marketing Discovery Course to succor perceive the height and cause discontinuance strategies to instrument.  Create a 10- to 20-slide (not counting the meet slide and relation slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® introduction after a while speaker's notes on the Five-Step Marketing Discovery Approach componenting how you procure use each tread to unfold the contortment upshot the topical nonprofit passion is oppositeness. Address the aftercited in your role as marketing overseer: Define the Five-Step Marketing Discovery Approach and sift-canvass the consequence of discovery in marketing.  Describe each tread of the Marketing Discovery Approach (one slide for each tread) in component including its motive, and cause an model aligned to the scenario aloft to interpret how that order would be instrumented internal the height's discontinuance. Define the two casts of discovery postulates this course gathers and their pros and cons. Share models of each cast that would be adapted in solving the scenario. Compare and opaspect the Five-Step Course after a while two opinion methods for conducting marketing discovery.  What are the pros and cons of each? Define what it instrument to disseminate a labor and contribute an model to interpret how the topical nonprofit passion in the scenario can use the management to succor extension target market profit. Explain how differentiation procure succor aspect the construction. Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources after a while one nature from the textbook or the University Library. Format your introduction compatible after a while APA guidelines.