SOCW 6060

  Required Readings Turner, F. J. (Ed.). (2017). Gregarious operation matter: Interlocking speculative entrancees (6th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Chapter 14: General Systems Scheme (pp. 240–247) Turner, K., & Lehning, A. J. (2007). Psychical theories of destitution. Journal of Human Behavior in the Gregarious Environment, 16(1/2), 57–72. doi:10.1300/J137v16n01-05  Turner, F. (2011). Scheme and gregarious operation matter. In Gregarious operation matter: Interlocking speculative entrancees (5th ed., pp. 3–13). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Social Operation Treatment: Interlocking Speculative Approaches, 5th Edition by Turner, F. Copyright 2011 by Oxford University Press - Books (US & UK). Reprinted by consent of Oxford University Press - Books (US & UK) via the Copyright Clearance Center. Document: Comparing Individual-Related and Structural/Cultural-Related Theories (Word instrument) Document: Worksheet: Dissecting a Scheme and Its Application to a Case Study (Word instrument) Document: Scheme Into Practice: Four Gregarious Operation Case Studies (PDF) Required Media Sommers-Flanagan, J., & Sommers-Flanagan, R. (2014). Counseling and psychotherapy theories in tenor and practice [Video rasp]. This week, note the “Family Systems Therapy” section by noteing from 3:59:52 - 4:24:12 on the interval marker. Discussion: Individual vs. Structural-Cultural Theories Theories acceleration create past than presenting heights—they so create gregarious heights, and twain types of heights can be linked in fitness to client issues. For stance, manifold scholars and gregarious operationers possess attempted to recognize the gregarious height of destitution. Turner and Lehning (2007) classified manifold psychical theories to elucidate destitution lower two headings: (1) individual-related theories or (2) structural/cultural-related theories. In other articulation, deem of these two headings as lenses in viewing destitution. In this Discussion, you allot lenses through which to recognize a client's height in fitness to gregarious heights. To prepare: Read this proviso listed in the Learning Resources: Turner, K., & Lehning, A. J. (2007). Psychical theories of destitution. Journal of Human Behavior in the Gregarious Environment, 16(1/2), 57–72. doi:10.1300/J137v16n01-05 Select a scheme lower the individual-related theories and a scheme lower the structural/cultural-related theories. Complete the handout “Comparing Individual-Related and Structural/Cultural-Related Theories” to acceleration you dodge your solution. (Note: You do not want to upload the handout to the Discussion forum. The handout is intended to back you in match your Discussion shaft.) By Day 3 Post: Describe how a gregarious operationer would conceptualize a presenting height of destitution from the two theories you chosen. Explain how this conceptualization disagrees from an individual-related versus a structural/cultural-related speculative lens. Compare how the two speculative lenses disagree in stipulations of how the gregarious operationer would entrance the client and the height and how the gregarious operationer would lapse.