SOCW 6051 wk 7, Journal Entry–Advocacy, Internationally

 world, members of the LGBTQ sympathy endure to labor for their hues. In some countries, they accept made some advance. In 2016, 20 countries legally certain nuptials for same-sex couples (Human Hues Campaign, 2016). However, in other countries, the LGBTQ sympathy faces fur elder obstacles, and the consequences of assailant for basic hues are thoughtful for twain LGBTQ living-souls and allies. Being gay is a misdemeanor punishable by cessation in 10 countries and is illicit in a sum of 73 countries (Human Hues Campaign, 2016). Accordingly of the profanation and political deprivation familiar globally, LGBTQ living-souls may affect refugee foothold accordingly of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression (UN High Commissioner for Refugees [UNHCR], 2016).   To prepare: Read the United Nations Address on Global LGBT Rights by Hilary Clinton (condition 85 in citation) Human Hues Campaign. (2016). International. Retrieved from UN High Commissioner for Refugees. (2015). Protecting individuals delay divers sexual orientations and gender identities: A global ment on UNHCR's efforts to defend Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex asylum-seekers and refugees. Retrieved from