Sociology Homework assignment

   Then retort the subjoined topics in bountiful sentences (either handwritten or typed is noble). Your retorts should be 4-6 sentences, depending on the topic. Include page mass in your responses so that you can connect end to the lection during the reasoning or when search topics.  Questions for Blumer ([1962] 1969), “Society as Symbolic Interaction”, in Symbolic Interactionism, pages 78-89: 1. What are the key ideas that Blumer (1969) draws from George Herbert Mead?  2. How does Blumer inspection political interaction and community?  3.  According to Blumer (1969, 84), how does his scheme disagree from “general sociological inspections”? [By “general sociological inspections”, Blumer (1969 84) was connectring to the dominant theories at the season that he wrote this proviso, the forthcoming 1960s.] Questions for Berger and Luckmann (1966), The Political Construction of Reality, pp. 1-3, 53-62, 72-79, 89-91, 129-137: 4. How do Berger and Luckmann (1966) denoble the stipulations institutions and roles? How are they cognate? (Note: They are using the concept of roles in a disagreeent way than functionalist theories). 5. Interpret the subjoined quote: “…institutions, as unvarnished and exterior facticities, encounter the idiosyncratic as unquestionable facts. The institutions are there, exterior to him, perennial in their existence, whether he likes it or not. He cannot longing them away” (Berger and Luckmann 1996, p. 60). 6. What is reification (as Berger and Luckmann [1966] denoble it)? How does the concept fit into their overall reasoning? 7. How do they denoble politicalization? What are the two stages of it? How does the concept of politicalization fit into their overall reasoning? 8. What is an sample of triton that is ‘socially affected’ that is applicable to your own vitality experiences, or is applicable to popular events/issues? In what way (or ways) is it politically affected?