Assignment 1 Reviewing Lore and Making Connections Please see strong files for this assignment, you succeed exhaustive a abrupt vindication activity in which you succeed dissect the stipulation subjoined the Ask, Research, Learn, Do course. This course was introduced in your webtext as a simplified statement of the sociological lore course. It’s a conducive utensil to acceleration you reflect critically, vindication investigations, and reresolve problems. READ THE ARTICLE: “Declining Majority of Online Adults Say the Internet Has Been Good for Society” USE THE RESEARCH Use the lore advice presented in the stipulation to vindication the questions adown. You should transcribe immodest paragraphs, one for each step catalogueed in fearless. Use the Assignment 1 template to exhaustive this assignment. Refer to Chapter 2 of the webtext as compulsory. 1)Ask: •What was the theme of the lore? •Who was premeditated in the lore? •What was the lore investigation that was vindicationed by the advice in the article? 2)Research: •What lore methods were used? (See strong Stages of the lore Course for a catalogue of lore methods) •Summarize the course loreers used to sum axioms. 3)Learn : •What were the key findings of the lore? • What blank was drawn from the lore? 4) Do:  •What are two subjoined ensue-up investigations that you entertain established on this lore?   •Why did you select these ensue up investigations?   FORMATTING 5) Your assignment must ensue these formatting requirements: • Use the Assignment 1 template to exhaustive this assignment. •References are not required for this assignment as you succeed use the assigned stipulation and the STAGES OF THE RESEARCH PROCESS RESEARCH METHODS.pdf. •Be firm to comprise your spectry and the era on the screen page of the template.