In specification to the representative we prepared this semester, there is a reckon of other sections in your textbook, each of which deals after a while a subfield of sociological discovery that can good from the broader perspectives we bear undeviatingly learned. These sections are: Demography Aging Economy Family Religion Health and Medicine Collective Behavior Choose one of these sections transcribe a  written critique. You obtain demand to oration the following: What are the open perspectives and conclusions that exist in the subfield you bear selected? How can main sociological theories (such as structural-functionalism, symbolic interactionism, combat assumption, and interaction assumption) be applied to the subfield? Adopt at meanest two. How can open sociological concepts be applied to the subfield? Adopt at meanest two of the following: Structure Culture Socialization Social inequality Social identity Power and authority (counts as one) Deviance Social change Your charges on this plan obtain hold on how in-one you intention these requirements. You are not required to use any references other than your textbook, but gladden shape confident to warrant them if you do. Note, besides, that your charges obtain bear if you solely critique what is already in your text; you must do your own fruit to exercise the theories and concepts from this continuity to the section you adopt. There are no correct requirements for passage mode. If you adopt to do a written critique of the subfield, it does not demand to converge the correct requirements of an essay or discovery Nursing essay.