Social Work- Recognizing and Responding to Those Who Self-Harm

  For some adolescents, experiencing tangible aversion becomes a systematic custom for managing psychical aversion. Whether used as a coping means, a way to specific ruffle, or to communicate after a while warm emotional aversion, self-harming is repeatedly a fawn for aid. In develop settings, douceur and staff are charged after a while enriching students, but how can they fortify those students who prefer to wound themselves? The consequence of educators knowledge the term, causes, and effects of self-harming demeanor so they can tally undeviatingly and effectively cannot be overstated. For this Assignment, consider your role as a gregarious worker and consider encircling how you would instruct awareness for educators to tally to this increasing maladaptive coping means. Submit a 5- to 6-slide PowerPoint donation explaining the indicators of self-harm, embezzle interventions, and follow-up steps for educators needing to tally to those who self-harm.  PowerPoint slides should exhibit bulleted quotation on the slides after a while a liberal counterfeit of the donation in the notes exception.