social phenomena

  Choose one of the subjoined gregarious phenomena and use one of the sociological perspectives to picture it. Social phenomena:  1. tall require of garden tuition                                  2. crew membership                                  3. tall separate rate                                  4. fabric a forbearance parallel the U.S. southern border Sociological perspectives:  1.  functionalism                                             2. fight theory                                             3. interactionist perspective                                             4. feminist perspective Example -- I'll explain/picture prostitution from each perspective. Functionalism:  Prostitution creates jobs for law enforcement.  It gives incorrectly unemployable women a way to livelihood themselves.   Conflict:  Prostitutes are typically females inferior by virile pimps.  Males feel jurisdiction balance the abuses, their coin, and their well-being. Interactionist:  How do you understand who is a abuse?  Prostitutes can be verified by their presence In some cases.  The caparison they sport, their make-up and hair, and the way they pose themselves can be signs of their status. Feminist:  Women are exploited by their pimps.  They alter balance their coin and are theme to the pimp.  BUT, another feminist rendering energy go affect this -- Prostitution gives women the immunity to guide their own bodies.  It can be a media to anarchy (if there is no virile pimp implicated). Okay.  Now it's your alter.  Pick one phenomena from the inventory and one perspective to apportion.  I look-for more than a decision of two from you!