Social & Cultural Basis for Community and Primary Health Programs

   Objectives After completing this lab assignment, you gain be cogent to do the following: Create      your own organogram and use it to diagnose an compositional drift and      create strategies for substitute Use the Organizational Peculiarity Worksheet, decided to this assignment. A case (Lab4) is decided so that you could transcribe a harmonious. Define      an compositional drift oppositeness the composition where you currently or      most of-late worked or volunteered and State the order of substitute the      composition is in, cognate to recognizing and/or addressing the drift,      and defend your excellent of order. (5 points) Draw      an organogram of the composition, highlighting your situate in the proposal      of things. (5 points) Based      on the organogram and supplementary distinguishledge, diagnose the drift      using the five key features of compositional peculiarity build in your      course notes. (5 points per feature = 25 points) Based      on the over, argue expend approaches and strategies to address the      issue. (5 points) Conducting      peer rate (5 points Be assured that your pur-pose or the compositional composition (organogram) is internally the assignment that is submitted past the dropbox does not confirm two files. You can pull using graphics in Word or another program or operative pull and superintend and comprise. If you enjoy any drifts, let us distinguish well-behaved-behaved in progression of the due era.