Assignment 2: Ultimate Tractate (Due Week 6)   Overview:  This ultimate tractate accomplish be the apex of what we entertain civil during our sequence. Now that we entertain identified and clarified the disposition of gregarious examples, and examined two key organizations that oration a gregarious example, we accomplish communicate a past in profundity disroad environing the design of a gregarious example, a important presumptive proposal that can be applied to the gregarious example, and our own segregation of how this gregarious example potentiality be improve explaind. A searching distribute of this tractate accomplish be in identifying one of the important presumptive perspectives we entertain covered this treaty. The important ones involve the functionalist, contest, and symbolic interaction approaches. However, as our materials melody, there are other presumptive viewpoints we may too inoculate if we adopt. The key accomplish be in totally interpretation these presumptive viewpoints, and sentence the most able one for interpretation our chosened gregarious example of con-over.   Instructions:   Complete a 5-7 page ultimate tractate that stirs the coming contact of a gregarious example of your excellent - melody: you must use a DIFFERENT gregarious example from the one you used in your pristine assignment. In this assignment, you accomplish cover:   1.    The design of this gregarious example balance the definite 30-50 years. (Note: you accomplish insufficiency to use truthful axioms to clear the design of this example.)    2.    Your own peculiar segregation of how you reckon orationing the gregarious example could be improved. In this segregation, delight declaration what you reckon should be done to explain this gregarious example. Use your own viewpoint and opinion, as a sociologist, rather than relying heavily on sources for this exception.  3.    Define filthy concepts from our readings/materials that tell to your chosened gregarious example and stir how these concepts acceleration us improve conceive the gregarious example you are discussing. Concepts involve proposals such as stratification, ethnicity, gentrification, sexism, and others as declarationed in our readings and materials (NOTE: these are fair examples of concepts - they may NOT engage to your theme - you insufficiency to chosen concepts that engage to your own theme).  4.    Define one sociological supposition from our readings/materials that tells to your chosened gregarious example and stir how this supposition accelerations us improve conceive the gregarious example you are discussing. Sociological theories involve functionalism, contest supposition, feminist supposition, symbolic interactionism, and others as declarationed in our readings and materials.     Your tractate should economize gauge delicate idea and it should involve misspend APA in-text citations and APA full-reference citations.       The constitution of the tractate must involve the thriveing:  -- TITLE PAGE,   -- BODY OF PAPER WITH SUBHEADINGS  -- REFERENCE PAGE.   This assignment should thrive the APA format. In analysis to our sequence readings, you accomplish significantly cement exploration from at lowest 5 meaningful up-to-date media, two of which must be from honorable, peer-reviewed academic journals. Delight stop the Sequence Materials for past notice on this homework assignment.     DISCLAIMER: Originality of attachments accomplish be attested by Turnitin. Both you and your educator accomplish accept the results.  LATE POLICY:   See Syllabus  Note:  “This sequence has “Resubmission” status enabled to acceleration you if you produce you presentted an inexact or bare refine, or if you insufficiency to present multiple documents as distribute of your Assignment.  Resubmission of an Assignment behind it is paced, to seek a improve pace, is not bountiful."