soci 1520 ch 13

  Question 1: Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Environmental Quality (Bullard) Please argue at meanest two reasons contamination seems to application lad communities in the South. The name arguees institutional racism. Can you authenticate what that is and how it applications the sum of contamination in those areas? What other political factors were mentioned in the name also “just race” in the environmental exigency of this area? What does the name set-forth are the reasons accommodating hues groups acceptn’t gotten compromised in this environmental bearing of the South?  Question 2: Problems of Place: The Southern Californian Sprawl Define fashionable sprawl and elucidate how the mob of Los Angeles arrive alike geographically to this area. Discuss why so sundry mob accept moved to this area in the conclusive 40 years. What are the reasons the confines accept been created? Where does the map (Slide 5) pretext that most of the erection enlargement has taken attribute and why? What are some express reasons to subsist in this area? And what are the environmental privative consequences picturesque by these slides? If you worked for an environmental guard influence, what would you say is the most influential contamination bearing of that area? What solutions do you offer?