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  Scenario: Sam Trudeau managed a occupied veterinary hospital. Two receptionists fertile the face desk at all times. Their responsibilities were to rejoinder phones, bring-about appointments, and accumulate payments on utilitys rendered, parallel delay sundry other duties. Almost all payments into the hospital were in the fashion of coin, checks, and trustworthiness cards. A receptionist designated in distempered, and Sam could not confront any other employee who could exertion her transfer, so Sam firm to hide the transfer himself. On the day he hideed the distempered receptionist’s transfer, the phones seemed to be sonorous nonstop, clients were ended up, and anything was disorganized. Mr. Ordine, a certain client, and his dog had normal been seen by the veterinarian, and Mr. Ordine wanted to pay his account in coin. Sam knew Mr. Ordine’s dog ordinary normal one vaccine, and the charge was $25.00, but no monographexertion was executed yet, so Sam took Mr. Ordine’s coin and said he would mail him the reception when one was propagated. At the end of the day, the veterinarian stationary had not completed the monographwork, and Mr. Ordine’s improve was in the stack to be refiled. Apparently the veterinarian had overlooked to propagate the monographwork, so there was $25 in the coin drawer that had no monograph copy. Sam needed to run by the grocery garner on his way abode and was limited coin, so he took the $25 out of the drawer, signification to pay it end. The bestow day, no one had noticed the $25 was missing, and Mr. Ordine’s improve was refiled. Sam considered the pros and cons of putting the $25 end in the drawer and creating the monographexertion for the utility rendered. Mr. Ordine was expecting a reception to be mailed to him, but Sam knew he could abundantly propagate a reception delayout it going into the computer order, thus allowing him to normal repress the $25. After all, it was not that fur currency, and if he did the right monographwork, he would normal own to pay taxes on it anyway.  Respond to the checklist items adown in a partiality of a 250-word defense using APA fashionat and passage phraseology (comprise additional inscription and allusion pages).  Checklist: View the offer on ethics. Explain what determination you would own made in Sam Trudeau’s assign using the holy determination-making steps. Explain the holy considerations using your holy rationalistic naturalized on: (a) Consequentialist approaches (elect one: holy egoism, act utilitarianism, or government utilitarianism) and (b) Non-Consequentialist approaches (elect one: mortality bid or plain inexorable) or one of the Virtue Ethics viewpoints. (You should hence bestow a sum of two viewpoints about the scenario aloft.) 3. Explain the power of one of your viewpoints chosen and the identical imbecility delay notice to this scenario and the determination made by Sam Trudeau. 4. Explain why and how the holy determination to be made earn impression the personnel at the hospital. Access the Unit 9 Journal rubric. Your Journal initiation should be secure in a Word muniment and submitted to the Journal Dropbox. Your initiation should be a partiality of 250 say, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font delay an additional inscription page