SLP 4 ITM 530

AGILE METHODOLOGIES: SCRUM AND EXTREME PROGRAMMING  For Module 4, your assignment is to pick-out a seemly methodology for the provided knowledge regularity intention you came up delay in Module 1. Please transcribe a 3-4 page monograph discussing why and how you selected a attached methodology from those skilled in the method to intention your intention. Make permanent to in-one revolve the tenor of your intention and involve in your argument the forthcoming topics: · What environing your intention led you to pick-out this methodology? · What other crop methodologies did you revolve? · What methodologies were your superior candidates, and why? · What methodologies did you quickly cast-out, and why? · Why accept you chosen the terminal methodology that you did from natant the superior candidates? How did you effect such a cherished? SLP Assignment Expectations The forthcoming items accomplish be assessed in particular: · The limit to which you accept carried out the assignment thoroughly, or chosen why you could not and investigated alternatives · Your power to define your intention explicitly and disclose your recommendations regularityatically · Your power to convergence on the overall purposes of the assignment, not fitting its peculiar steps Your use of some in-text references to what you accept read; content summon all sources appropriately.