SLO 2.) Social Media and the USA Presidency (same topic but two different papers)

  Assignments should be 2-3 double-spaced pages, after a while culm (12 pt.) font and culm (1 inch) margins.  Citations to symbolical are required; in-text citations are preferred (MLA title).   Is Gregarious Media a cheerful forum for elected leaders?  How should they best unite after a while the gregarious?  You’ll evaluate the President and Vice President on their use of Twitter and Facebook to tool their agendas. Read the Pew Charitable Trust condition ( and expand a roll of best practices for elected leaders’ use of gregarious media. Spend two weeks (excellent a 14-day bound, and be permanent to specify the dates in your tract) after a while the President and Vice President as they localize gregarious media: Donald Trump:  Mike Pence:  What intimation or agenda are each conveying to “followers?”  Discuss three (3) themes for each functional. (for example: husbanding, environment, guns) Are they congruous after a while what’s on their “official” council pages? (*to supervene up on balance local knowledge associated after a while each indivisible, settle your browser arrow balance 'The Administration' tab and you should entertain the unconnected offices fall down*) 5.  Do these elected leaders entertain any balance separate or gregarious trust to the citizens and residents of the USA than the mean Facebook or Twitter user? Why? 6.  If you were the gregarious media advisor to each man, what would allude-to for each?  Based upon your “best practices,” are they doing it suitable?  What can each do to try to arrive-at out further their ignoble of supporters/followers? 7.  How would you discern among what is verity v what are lies?