Signature Assignment – Course Project Presentation

    Final Course Artifice Grant (Signature Assignment)  You procure educe a 12 to 15 diminutive grant via a PowerPoint®  grant that is set up for habitual transitions of slides after a while  voice account or a Narrated Video Presentation. You procure confer-upon an  overview of the artifice and provides the artifice surety after a while an overall  view of the artifice artifice. In some cases, the office surety/executive  procure not bear era to unravel the unimpaired artifice, so they would select a  grant highlighting the key points of the artifice. You should  apprehend the artifice baseline set-on-foot and shape dates for the artifice. You  should besides apprehend a inextensive board after a while the high-level budget that  indicates the baseline whole artificened budget totality for the overall  artifice after a whilein your grant. The subjoined sections and counsel  should besides be apprehendd.    · Section A: Summary  · Part 1: Planning, Monitoring, and Execution · Part 2: Communication Plan · Part 3: Artifice Status including Quality and Performance Levels · Section B: Artifice Plan  · Part 1: Milestones · Part 2: Review of MS Project® Schedule · Part 3: Review of MS Project® Resources · Part 4: Review of MS Project® Budget · Section C: Artifice Budget/Schedule Analysis  · Comparison of Actual vs Budgeted Costs · Explanation of Cost Variances (EV) · Explanation of Schedule Variance (EV) · Section D: Artifice Overview  · Needs Assessment and Office Strategy · Leadership & Management (Project Organization & Leadership Style) · Section E: Conclusion · Section F: Lessons Learned Report