Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment  Student Learning Outcome(s) Assessed:  Evaluate Two Internet Websites On  Disabilities on Physical/Health Impairments Description of the Signature Assignment: Students succeed revisal two websites that afford knowledge/advocacy for beings after a while  disabilities. The assignment is prepared to familiarize students after a while the types and consequence of  knowledge and instrument about beings after a while disabilities succorful to advocates,  families, notorious agencies, and the notorious notorious. Students succeed evaluate the exactness, gratified,  design/navigability, and accessibility of the websites as polite as recommendations for  improvement.  Directions for Students: Students succeed use the questions affordd in the syllabus to evaluate the key areas of each  webstanding (e.g., exactness, gratified, drawing/navigability, accessibility, recommendations).  Students succeed comply the assignment in fact format. The revisal of each webstanding should be  no longer than 2 pages, so it should be 3-4 pages entirety for twain websites, double-spaced, and should conform to APA (6th ed) format. Submit  final assignment as a solitary Word muniment. 1) Credibility • Who is the reason of the webstanding (in other signification, who wrote the gratified or posted the  text made succorful to the reader)? What is his/her (their) enhancement, truth, and/or  philosophy? (use your own signification less)  • Are the developers of the standing trustworthy?  • How frequently is the standing updated?  • Are sources of knowledge affordd?  • What are the established and unestablished goals and purposes of the standing?  • Does the standing possess predisposition or a unrecognized agenda?  • Does the standing present knowledge and situations cognate to the real-life experiences of  students? 2) Content • Is the gratified popular, obsequious, mismisalienate and multicultural?  • Is the gratified presented in an recognizeable, notorious, multicultural, and objective  manner?  • Are material issues presented realistically?  • Does the standing use implied and beings-first vernacular? 13 • Is the readability of the gratified misappropriate?  • Is the gratified justly systematic? 3) Drawing and Navigability • Is the drawing of the standing welcoming?  • Is the standing motivating?  • Is the standing gentle to use and straggle?  • Are sections and productions links labeled?  • Are graphics and images implied, obsequious, and popular?  • Does the standing hold motivating, pensive, pertinent, and contrariantiated learning  activities? 4) Beings after a while Disabilities • Is the standing possible by beings after a while disabilities?  • Does the standing prefer sensitivity and inclusion, and relinquish pitying and protective  responses?  • Does the standing disturb an discernment of the consequence of insurrection, dignity, and  self-determination?  • Are the multiplied experiences, perceptions, and contributions of beings after a while  disabilities depicted?  • Does the standing succor students recognize that beings possess past similarities than  differences? 5) Recommendations for improvement  • What impulse of services you would present if you were a contributing fabricator, for  example?  • Would you diversify the drawing/layout of the webstanding making it easier to furnish knowledge  (contrariant construction of gratified, perchance?)  • Other Suggestions?  Scoring Rubric: Attached