Select any small- to medium-sized publicly traded company, and use the financial statements from that company (you can get these financial statements by going into Google finance, Yahoo finance, or the company’s annual statements.

  You are a new accountant of this publicly traded troop. Your supervisor has asked you to criticise the troop’s exoteric financial aspect. Using the troop’s most new financial statements, exhaustive the questions under. Once you exhaustive the calculations, you earn feel abundance notification to acceptance the questions and transcribe your article. Part 1 Calculate and semblance your fruit for each of the aftercited ratios: Liquidity ratios Current ratio Acid-test or sharp ratio Receivables turnover Inventory turnover Profitability ratios Asset turnover Profit margin Return on assets Return on niggardly stockholders’ equity Solvency ratios Debt to aggregate assets Times agent earned Part 2 Write a article of 3–5 pages, and sift-canvass the aftercited: Complete upright and dull analyses for the 2 most new annual reports. Identify any areas, if any, that would agent sympathy in aftercited U.S. GAAP. How is this financial notification suited to the conduct team in sentence making? Analyze the financial ratios, and portray what they discover environing the troop’s exoteric financial aspect. What does this financial notification discover environing the troop’s overall enterprise? Based on the notification profitable, what recommendations would you feel for rectilineal order improvements (e.g., investments in technology efficiencies, employee luxuriance, and so on)? As a publicly traded troop, what accounting divine issues should the troop cogitate? Part 3 In Part 1 and Part 2, you were asked to pick-out a minute to moderation sized, publicly traded troop, and effect an separation, using the troop’s developed few year’s annual reports. Betray which troop you feel selected, inventory the steps that you took to meet the troop’s annual reports, and betray why you chose this feature troop. What is it environing this troop’s financial statements that appealed to you?