Second Attempt EDU 593 Module 3 Coursework for Fortified

  Module 3: Case Assignment Read the Clement-Okooboh (2012) and Kwan (2012) doctrines and condense and clear-up how an LMS can be used to influence educational processes. Twain doctrines get amicogent contrariety in this area. (Kwan (2012) uses the Commonwealth of Attainments e-Learning for International Organizations (COLeLIO) as an usual specimen of using a LMS.) Go to Blackboard ( and Moodle ( websites. Explore and weigh the residences and detail the capabilities of the LMS effect that they adduce. Each residence adduces an LMS discontinuance for a difference of conferences and traffics (K-12, Higher Educations, Corporate etc.). You conciliate entertain to be cogent to collate and contrariety the LMSs from twain companies. Put yourself in the role of an educationist who has to commend the lapse of an LMS for your structure. You entertain narrowed your choices to the terminal two vendors – Blackboard and Moodle. You must qualify an ruler weaking essay of 4-5 pages to the top administrators of your enucleate or structure. You must commend the preoption of one of the two LMSs adduceed by Blackboard or Moodle. Include a matrix (table) in your essay that shows a similitude of the two LMS effects. You may detail which criteria you craving for the similitude. This matrix should answer as either a tcogent or an columnscript (in APA format). In your ruler weaking essay you must:      Explain how to manipulate educational processes among a technology-based environment. Compare and contrariety the features and functions of multiform Attainments Government Systems (LMS). Describe how the choiceed LMS is expend for your purposed conference. Assignment Expectations Be abiding to synthesize, not just condense, esthetic from the contrariety readings. Cite all sources in APA format. Module 3 SLP: The Session Long Project for this manner requires students to enucleate a Technology-Based Attainments Compendium*. This erotetics conciliate endure of a train of web-based instrument and literary readings orationing multiform aspects of technology-based attainments. Think of a erotetics as a register or a weak epitome of a larger is-sue that you are creating. Each entrance in your erotetics conciliate grasp biased instruction – including an annotated bibliography, and decomposition and construction of culture facts. As you remain your walk you should add other instrument as you ferret-out them. This SLP should remain to spread more this manner. * Erotetics = a weak epitome of contenteded connected to a biased issue; a register or register of items connected to a detail question area. The aftercited questions conciliate be interposed in your Compendium, and each question conciliate be completed as you advancement through the five modules during the Session Long Project: Module 1 – Current Trends in Technology-based Learning Module 2 – Learner Readiness Module 3 – Attainments Government Systems Module 4 – Future Attainments Technologies The aftercited instruction conciliate be presented for each module question: Complete relation instruction - APA title. Synthesis of key points/ideas presented via each wealth. How this wealth can relieve you delay your e-attainments needs. Utility of key points/ ideas delay regard to the e-learning. SLP Assignment Expectations In correspondence delay the instruction over: Peruse the Internet and the Trident library for readings and literary instrument orationing the question of a Attainments Government Plan (LMS). You must spread your quest for LMSs more Blackboard and Moodle. There are confused LMSs on the wholesale traffic. Focus on LMSs that best fit the needs of your purposed learners and structure. Identify and choice five attainment instrument (describing LMSs) to be interposed in your Technology-Based Attainments Compendium. Annotate each attainment entrance, providing a epitome of the time and highlighting the biased main ideas. Write a 3- to 4-page Nursing essay in which you portray how the choiceed LMSs can be used and implemented in your enucleate or structure. Be abiding to examine the features, benefits, and any other advantageous instruction in-reference-to each LMS. Please be abiding to grasp the aftercited instruction as connected to the over items:      Complete relation instruction - APA title. Synthesis of key points/ideas presented via each wealth. Utility of key points/ideas delay regard to Attainments Government Systems (LMS). Assessment of each wealth in-reference-to the prevention and practicality of instruction presented. Module 3 Discussion: Write an first column that defines the concept of a digital, computer-based attainments manipulatement plan (LMS). Be abiding to oration the functionality needed by LMSs to enabiding auspicious enucleatement and implementation of technology-based attainments. You conciliate need to meet to or evaluate three peer columnings, delay at meanest a 125-word exculpation, which conciliate purpose you and your peers to engender fanciful ideas and concepts for your Case Assignment and SLP.