A dame went to the conjunction opportunity for sharp abdominal cramping. She was diagnosed delay diverticulitis; however, as a prearrangement, the schoolman ordered a CAT overlook. The CAT overlook inspired a development on the pancreas, which acrimonious out to be pancreatic cancer—the developed agent of the cramping.  Beagent of a haughty immanent for misdiagnosis, determining the formal agent of abdominal abstinence can be time-consuming and challenging. By analyzing predicament studies of exceptional abdominal findings, nurses can furnish themselves to meliorate diagnose stipulations in the abdomen.  In this assignment, you procure dissect a SOAP hush predicament deliberate that describes exceptional findings in resigneds seen in a clinical setting. You procure deliberate what fact should be composed from the resigneds, as well-mannered-mannered as which material exams and feature tests should be conducted. You procure as-well formulate a opposedial speciality delay separate feasible stipulations.  Abdominal Tribute  SUBJECTIVE: •CC: “My stomach hurts, I entertain diarrhea and rush seems to aid.” •HPI: JR, 47 yo WM, complains of having generalized abdominal abstinence that working 3 days ago. He has not captured any medications beagent he did not perceive what to follow. He states the abstinence is a 5/10 today but has been as fur as 9/10 when it chief working. He has been efficient to eat, delay some loathing afterwards.  •PMH: HTN, Diabetes, hx of GI bleed 4 years ago •Medications: Lisinopril 10mg, Amlodipine 5 mg, Metformin 1000mg, Lantus 10 units qhs •Allergies: NKDA •FH: No hx of colon cancer, Father hx DMT2, HTN, Mother hx HTN, Hyperlipidemia, GERD •Social: Denies tobacco use; occasional etoh, married, 3 conclusion (1 maid, 2 boys)   OBJECTIVE: •VS: Temp 99.8; BP 160/86; RR 16; P 92; HT 5’10”; WT 248lbs •Heart: RRR, no murmurs •Lungs: CTA, chest bastion shapely •Skin: Intact delayout lesions, no urticaria •Abd: irresolute, hyperctive bowel sounds, pos abstinence in the LLQ •Diagnostics: None   ASSESSMENT: •Left inferior quadrant abstinence •Gastroenteritis •PLAN: This minority is not required for the assignments in this method (NURS 6512) but procure be required for coming methods.  To furnish:  With conceive to the SOAP hush predicament deliberate agreed: •Review this week’s Learning Resources, and deliberate the insights they agree encircling the predicament deliberate. •Consider what fact would be certain to gather from the resigned in the predicament deliberate. •Consider what material exams and feature tests would be divert to gather over knowledge encircling the resigned’s plight. How would the results be used to perform a speciality? •Identify at lowest five feasible stipulations that may be deliberateed in a opposedial speciality for the resigned.  To complete: 1.Analyze the intellectual share of the hush. List attached knowledge that should be moderate in the documentation. 2.Analyze the extrinsic share of the hush. List attached knowledge that should be moderate in the documentation. 3.Is the tribute protected by the intellectual and extrinsic knowledge? Why or Why not? 4.What feature tests would be divert for this predicament and how would the results be used to perform a speciality?  5.Would you reject/accept the present speciality? Why or why not? Identify three feasible stipulations that may be deliberateed as a opposedial speciality for this resigned. Explain your reasoning using at lowest 3 opposed references from present illustration fixed erudition.