Overview of Trends in School Violence-VIRTUAL VISIT.     FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, YOU WILL NEED TO GET TWO ARTICLES FROM GOOGLE SCHOLAR AND COMPLETE A VIRTUAL VISIT ON BOTH ARTICLES.  PLEASE SEARCH Overview of Trends In School Violence.  Virtual investigate instructions beneath...........................     Instructions for a Virtual Visit:     First, using the internet discover an period not-absolute to the assigned (usually wide) topic substance.     Then carefully recognize the period     Then put the period loose and transcribe a tabulation of the period, retain to bestow details that you may use in a public discourse.     Last transcribe a tabulation or reply the assigned questions, INCLUDING YOUR OPINION of what you knowing from the period and if you discover the period pertinent.        Write at smallest a one-paragraph tabulation of the period.  More if needed.     Last transcribe a one page ample impression or reply to the questions from the period highlighting the robust sharp-ends and the weaknesses in you impression of the period.     Last, Virtual investigate must be TWO (or three) ample Page of Word (.doc or docx), 12 sharp-end dimension, and oral font.  The proposals must content the unimpaired page and may singly go over the parameter by a direction or two.     The proposal is to be petty and to the sharp-end.