Rosie September 14

This line hosts the "War Room" for the Easily-under Confutation Exercise that is bisect of your terminal design for this plan. This week your nucleus should be on figuring out what the Red Team did and how they did it. (See the "Overview of the Incident" exception in CSIA 310 Terminal Design - Easily-under Confutation Exercise.docx  -- the detailed assignment designation for the plan terminal design). For your pristine posting this week, you must yield an decomposition of the Red Team's communication (as listed in the terminal design). At a poverty you must establish and argue three biased vulnerabilities that were exploited by the Red Team as bisect of its sharpness testing. You earn deficiency to elaboration congruous types of attacks using Red Team or Ethical Hacking media from the Internet. For your savors this week, you should re-examination and savor the analyses yieldd by two of your peers. You may ascertain the plan readings environing Red Teams and Blue Teams to be advantageous in ascertaining examples and suggestions for progress. Follow-up postings this week are especially essential as they demonstration your contributions to the Blue Team's efforts for easily-under search and confutation. You can and should use advice from the messages posted hither as bisect of the easily-under confutation communication which you earn yield as your terminal design for this plan.