Review Packet #1&2

This active is to reguslow you in the whole of the reconsideration packet assignments desert 100 points of the adjust. The culmination you can obtain for each reconsideration packet is 50 points.  They are due on July 9th and July 30th and to uploaded through the assignments tab. There conciliate be no slow apology of these assignments. Details: You conciliate appropriate a sum of five from the following: Zoom Lectures (K.Yoder) Zoom Visitor Presenters Ted Colloquy Links Items that are advantageous from June 23rd- July 8th must be used for Reconsideration Packet #1.  Uploaded items from July 10th - July 29th must be used for Reconsideration Packet #2. You conciliate involve this advice in the reconsideration packet: 1 pt.     Name of the disquisition, visitor presenter after a while name, or Ted Colloquy you chose. 6 pts.     Summarize the pleased and say which measurement of soundness it correlates and elucidate how the subject theoretically impacts your ability to subsist a soundnessy lifestyle. 3 pts.     You conciliate tenor after a whilein the muniment an representation that illustrates how you used the subject clarified to mend that measurement of your lifestyle. Format: 1. Full Name on loftier right-hand cavity. 2. Font Size: 12, single-spaced. 3. No past than 1 page typed per disquisition/speaker/ted colloquy reconsideration. 4. Entire packet must be electronically submitted in one pdf.