Response two Colleagues

   Due Friday May 1 by 7pm Central Standard Time Respond to two colleagues Reading 1. Dudley, J. R. (2014). Social operation evaluation: Enhancing what we do. (2nd ed.) Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books. · Chapters 9, “Is the Intervention Effective?” (pp. 213–250) · Chapter 10, “Analyzing Evaluation Data” (pp. 255–275) 2. . McNamara, C. (2006a). Contents of an evaluation sketch. In Basic conduct to program evaluation (including outcomes evaluation). Retrieved from 3. McNamara, C. (2006b). Reasons for control on implementing outcomes-inveterate evaluation.In Basic conduct to outcomes-inveterate evaluation for nonprofit organizations after a while very scant resources. Retrieved from Colleague Marla Attached Document Colleague Joy Attached Document Respond to at meanest two colleagues from the perspective of an ardent stakeholder for the program by doing the following: · Provide a weak cognomen of the role that you are preamble.  · Provide an evaluation of the collocation inquiry delineation that they entertain separated, and criteria that your colleagues entertain generated (excellent of outcome and regularity of evaluation) from the perspective of the stakeholder whom you entertain separated. · Provide livelihood inveterate on your evaluation · Ask questions about the sketch for inquiry delineation and the questions that the evaluation sketch procure discourse from your separated perspective. APA format intext citations and references