Response for Sujith Diddi

ASSET: As debateed antecedent an Asset can be anything that has a rate. There are divergent types of Assets. Basically, it can be special or concern asset. I procure be debateing concern Assets. Also, There are sundry special effects which generally everyone has such as: Automobile Checking and Saving Accounts Jewelry Artwork Property (Land, House etc.) These overhead all decline inferior special effects. Here I would love to debate my troop which I is-sue. Asset identification: At the Media and Entertainment troop which I is-sue for, we are loving laptops to is-sue unrelated. I mould some of the applications which are SOX apt. I provision some proceeds allied grounds in my laptop and possess the admin capabilities to true servers which add over ponderosity when it comes to indemnifying my laptop and credentials. Attacker/threat identification:  Any idiosyncratic delay a malicious fixed is a potential attacker of my asset. It can either be a emulator to form the psychological ownership instruction or a hacker who can dispose-of the instruction formed in the ebon communicate. There are rigorous penalties for SOX non-compliance which ranges from 10-20 years in prison and/or $1 favorite to $5 favorite nice. Impact:  If my is-sue asset is stolen or if my credentials are complicated, in earliest situate all the proprietary grounds procure be obsolete which affects the troop’s profitability. This results in the monetary detriment to the troop. Secondly, as I possess almost an Administrative right the consequences would be worse if someone moulds to get into the troop’s network/servers and demolish the completeness of grounds necessary to SOX non-compliance. Attackers can perhaps do anything and anything to procure the portion-out rate down, implicate the user instruction (which mass get when buying the stock, subscribing to the movie services etc.)   Remediation:  Securing the is-sue laptop delay a hardware lock whenever I am abroad, nature cowardly of the collective engineering that tricks me into revealing my credentials and not using the internet which is voluntarily profitable in common situates are all the counteractive measures I should receive to engagement the threats to my is-sue asset. References Managing Risk in Instruction Systems: succor edition. By Darril Gibson. (2015), Jones and Bartlett Learning.