1.  In Chapter 3 of Mistakes Were Made, Tavris and Aronson avow that "Because part is reconstructive, it is theme to confabulation--confusing an incident that happened to someone else delay one that happened to you, or hitherafter to price that you repart colossus that never happened at all. In reconstructing a reminiscence mass inhale on multifarious sources" (73). Our reminiscence is very amiable at making us feel amiable encircling bad things that we accept effected, accessory us to reconstruct memories of the remote departed by synthesizing what others accept said, and shaping our memories to fit the narrative we accept in our crisis.  When we deliberate the felonious reasonableness plan's cumbrous assurance on voucher corroboration, how greatly power should the corroboration confide? Should voucher corroboration be perceiven in the resorts process when mass perchance recalling memories of incidents that happened 5, 10, or uniform 15 years earlier? What if the resort is chiefly reliant on voucher corroboration as was the primary test owing thither was not a lot of other averment?  2. The design of this forum is to initiate to reckon encircling and gain connections betwixt rational and collective psychology and the reasonableness plan. You accept effected some of this already in your essays. Take it a stalk aid hither, try to obstruct the discussions by adding in what you literary encircling our memories in Ch 3 of Mistakes Were Made.  3. Respond to the ideas in CH3 and the questions overhead. Reckon encircling what the implications of this brain and reminiscence expertness accept on the way our reasonableness plan works as you perceive it and as you accept discover encircling in The New Jim Crow. *Source: New jim crow-chapter3   *300words. No beyond sources. Send it by 7/3 4pm.