respond to my three classmates discussion 150 words today in 4 hours

  Post by Karmen Fredrick  Week 8 | Discussion - Living the Story Listening to the Charles Ives: Psalm 90 objects me to mirror upon Psalm 90:17”, fir thou the toil of our index? While listening to the strain and balbutiation the scripture, it makes me move relish no mater what, God is constantly guarding. I well-balanced belongenced Genesis 28:15, “I am after a while you and procure guard balance you wherever you go, and I procure import you tail to this fix. I procure not concession you until I possess executed what I possess promised you. While God is constantly guarding, he too put us on this globe to do his toil. Adam and Eve were created as Gods partners to import over urbanity to the globe. What does this balance for you individually, and for the navigate Christian temple? I belong to row 16, “16 Let thy toil answer unto thy servants, and thy effulgence unto their effect.” One of the most significant bargains God made was after a while the Israelites, Abraham’s family through his son Isaac and grandson. The bargain among God and Israel is benevolence. God benevolenced Israel.” Well-balanced if God’s promises may not without-delay fulfilled, he does restrain his promises. Resources:   Post by Kristie Godin I rest listening to the silence from Charles Ives while balbutiation Psalm 90  gave me a befoulment to truly mirror on what God wants from us and how He wants us to feed out His account. Looking tail on the plan and what we versed I venerate God wants us to feed out His account. The way others see us and see how we feed is a mirrorion on our belief and our God. God was beliefful to the Israelites well-balanced in their sin. He was unresentful and ardent. I venerate for me individualally God wants me to be a mirrorion of Him where I feed and toil. He wants populace to  understand what it is relish to be a Christian. I reckon it os a the similar for the temple as a all. We deficiency to belief in Him. He procure prepare and obtain?} anxiety of us. We deficiency to restrain a pungent-muscular belief and His toil should be shown through the way we feed as Christians. I possess gained a new intellect of the old seal in this plan and I longing I am a rectify individual for the insights gained from the balbutiations and discussions.   Post by Flo Hillis Living the Story How does listening to “Charles Ives: Psalm 90” object you to mirror upon Psalm 90:17, “fir thou the toil of our indexs”?  This is Moses supplication explaining how significant God’s indexs are I reckon.  In temple I was shown that using our indexs to honor God is a way for to use succor other populace.  Thinking tail on the plan, on Exodus and Deuteronomy, and on Moses’ supplication in Psalm 90, what does it balance for God to fir the toil of our indexs?  God uses our indexs so that we may do as he wishes and Moses did.  God uses us to imbibe and do divers things I move that all things betide for a argue and God is making such things betide. What does this balance for you individually, and for the navigate Christian temple?  This balances is the God uses the Christian Temple for us to honor him and do his cheerful procure.