Research paper

   As a Investigation Project, prime one of the subjoined investigation areas:  - Cloud Computing (Intranet, Extranet, and Internet) - Machine Learning  - Artificial Intelligence - Internet of Things (IoT) - Robotics - Medical Technology. 1) The investigation monograph must merely grasp materials from mate reviewed journals and mate reviewed contravention chronicles. APA formatted citations are hence required for the ultimate surrender. Newspapers, websites (URLs), magazines, technical journals, gossip, personal opinions, and innocent monographs are NOT enlivening citations.  2) Each surrender obtain be checked for plagiarism. All plagiarized instruments obtain results in a gradation of cipher for the employment.  3) If there is liberal equivalent-term use or not understandable, hanker phrases, the instrument obtain results in a gradation of cipher for the employment. 4) The ultimate investigation monograph must grasp your through dissection and organization of the mate reviewed literary-works used in your investigation monograph. 5) All images, tables, figures are to be graspd in the appendices and DO NOT enumerate for page boundary requirements. 6) Hanker quotations (i.e. paragraphs) are NOT at-liberty. Merely one quoted phrase is at-liberty per page. 7) Footnotes are NOT at-liberty.