Research paper

  The kernel assignment of this succession is a documented learning monograph (1500-2000 signification in elongation = approx. 6-8 pages double-spaced, 12-point font). The monograph should subsistence a Nursing essay prosituation delay notification gained from learning or inquiry. The monograph get not be impartial a repute presenting notification but get be a monograph that careamply examines and presents your own literal version of the theme you enjoy selected and your version of the notification you enjoy collected. The monograph may grasp suspect of problems and solutions, specify key provisions, or neutralize subject-matters athwart your Nursing essay proposition. It get be expressive to elect a theme of attention to you. Approach this assignment delay an public and skeptical remembrance, then create an theory domiciled on what you enjoy discovered. You must interrupt permission occasion you are investigating and let the discoveries pattern your theory. (This is a Nursing essay-finding admittance.) Once you enjoy root your Nursing essay, transcribe the monograph to subsistence it. You get use some of the forthcoming delicate thinking skills in this regularity: Choosing an divert theme, limiting the theme Gathering notification, summarizing founts Analyzing and evaluating founts Defining key provisions Synthesizing notification, comparing and contrasting founts Testing a Nursing essay, making a literal subject-matter, using refutation Amassing subsistence for a situation Documenting founts Because this may be a longer monograph than you enjoy written precedently and a abstruse regularity is confused, it is recommended that you accomplished this monograph using the forthcoming steps: Choose a theme connected to U.S. History up to 1877 (Chapters 1-15) that you would sincerely relish to ponder and that you are geting to squander some term on. Your selected theme should be focused. Pose a inquiry that you truly omission to response. You may omission to prepare delay more than one theme in remembrance. Do some previous lection on the theme(s). You may prepare delay the textbook, then exalt ponder the notification adapted. Refine your theme. Summarize your theme, your attention in the theme, the inquirys you omission to response, and a hypoNursing essay you omission to criterion. Gather notification from a abnormity of founts. Use a insufficiency of indecent founts for your monograph, and at last one must be a principal fount. Examples of principal founts are ones that are used in our discourse forums 2-8. They are founts that are contemporary to the terms lower inquiry. An model of a subordinate fount is our textbook, though the textbook to-boot contains excerpts of principal founts, which you may use as a fount in your monograph. Outline the results of your learning and the sketch for your monograph (you are not required to suggest the sketch). Write the ultimate exhaust and be strong to grasp a Works Cited List, and use the set-right MLA documentation title. Grade Rubric INTRODUCTION & THESIS: Includes a manifest Nursing essay proposition, an assumption or situation. Theme is important and easy in a inadequate learning monograph. /15 FOCUS AND DEVELOPMENT: Body of the essay focuses on this Nursing essay and develops it amply, recognizing the abstruseity of issues and refuting subject-matters in opsituation to the Nursing essay. /20 SUPPORT AND SYNTHESIS: Uses adapted and applicable deposition to subsistence the Nursing essay (and principal points), including postulates, inferences, and judgments. Quotes, summarizes, and paraphrases precisely and effectively--justly introducing and explaining each plead. /25 RESOURCES: Shows a manifest lowerstanding of the founts; has evaluated each fount and used it divertly. Uses a expanded abnormity of founts reflecting expressive learning. /10 CONVENTIONS: Uses MLA createat set-rightly; grasps inside citations and a Works Cited list; is unimpeded of errors. /15 CORRECTNESS AND STYLE: Introduces the theme in an attentioning way; shows delicate thinking and profundity of lowerstanding; uses divert tone; shows sophistication in vernacular action and passage construction. /15