Research Paper

   Appropriate Topics: The Exploration Report, picked one of the aftercited exploration areas: i) Cloud Computing (Intranet, Extranet, and Internet) ii) Machine Learning iii) Artificial Intelligence iv) Internet of Things (IoT) v) Robotics vi) Medical Technology vii) Artificial Intelligence viii) Business Intelligence ix) Brain Linked Virtual Reality x) Nanotechnology xi) Game Programming Algorithms xii) Video Gaming Algorithms xiii) Knowledge Management Systems Instructions:    · The exploration tractate must be at last 2,500 say cherished by exemplification (citations from peer-reviewed sources).  · A narrowness of indelicate (4) peer-reviewed register citations are required.  · Formatting should be double-spaced, one-inch boarders, no extra measure for styles, no extra colorhither measure, no past than two levels of style, page mass, front and tail substance). · All images, tables, figures are to be middle in the appendices and IS NOT middle in the 15 page modification. This instrument appendices are not middle in the 15 page modification. · Long quotations (i.e. paragraphs) are NOT generous. Only one quoted scanty decree (hither than 14 say) is generous per page.   · Footnotes are NOT generous.    Document Details This area provides subjoined details about the resigned of each of the needed Exploration Declaration Chapters (5). For those instructing in Hybrid format, the educationist may failure to regard having the instantiated teams effect on: 1) an plan of the ultimate exploration declaration and 2) a proemial exploration declaration that conceives Chapters 1 and 2. For those instructing in Online or F2F formats the educationist may failure to regard using the Hybrid format (teams) or separate tyro acquiescence format. The ultimate acquiescence should conceive DETAILS of each of aftercited:  1) Chapter 1 – Introduction 2) Chapter 2 – Literature Review 3) Chapter 3 – Methodology Specifics (proportionately dissection) 4) Chapter 4 – Findings and Results 5) Chapter 5 – Conclusion and Future Recommendations 6) References - APA 7) Appendices