Reexploration Tract Guidelines Please discbalance carefully. Your assignment is to fulfill the allowable outcomes in one of the scenarios, elaboration those outcomes, and effect monitions for harangueing those outcomes. This achieve indeed succor you lowerstand to transcribe and suitably muniment a elaboration tract. And, if you arrive-at you already are an genteel elaborationer and transcriber, it achieve repair your force to effect elaboration. General Instructions 1. Technical  The completed elaboration tract should be typed in MS Promise solely, Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced format after a time footnotes and bibliographic allusions, not short than 8 pages nor copious 12 pages in tediousness. It achieve own a insufficiency promise reckon of 1750 promises. This page capacity does not embrace an intellectual or bibliography page. Always repress for expression, spelling, and just extract antecedently submitting your resultion. It is expected that the learner achieve devote a extensive traffic of start inland supple a attribute result docile of the violent academic standards ordinary at Saint Leo University. This elaboration tract is merit 27 sharp-ends and achieve play 27% of the developed road grade.  This is not a singular view tract; all of it must be tailed up by your elaboration. Your tract should summon those sources you are resting on to formulate the pros and cons as polite as your developed monitions. Your tract should embrace a insufficiency of five allusion sources. These allusions can be five events or five life doctrines or a league of events and doctrines. As discussed in the syllabus, Saint Leo University uses Turnitin to validate the originality of a learner’s resultion. Turnitin is integrated into the Elaboration Tract Dropbox and your tract achieve be assigned an originally mandible. Any tracts after a time an originality mandible of extensiveer than 15% achieve be matter to an habitual mandible of 0, as polite as theoretically mattering to the learner to referral to the Academic Standards Committee for an academic honesty retrospect. 2.Format Your tract is to be structured as prospers for each disconnected deed top you are elaborationing. In your tract, put each of the sub-headings listed lowerneath in fearless, so that it is pure to the discoverer that you are subjoined the mandatory format: Summary of Grounds – This is a digest of the deeds which are pertinent to the outcome you are elaborationing. You may add some deeds but solely if they are certain to your elaboration. Issues Presented – What allowable outcomes are created by the deeds after a time which you are presented? The Sheriff usually presents further than one. Arguments Presented by Each Party – How manifold partys are there? What is the best event for each party? Applicable Law – This is where you draw the events, statutes, regulations, and other sources from your elaboration which are pertinent to your outcomes. If some of the events briefed in the road devote to your outcomes, you may summon them. However, you must too parade that you own conducted stubborn elaboration and draw divergent events which are pertinent. Recommendation – This is where you guide the Sheriff as to what decisions should be made concerning the outcomes at artisan. Reasons – In this minority, betray the Sheriff why you made those monitions. Remember, the Sheriff wants the allowable plea for your monitions, NOT your singular views. Core Values – In this minority, draw the Saint Leo kernel values which are answerable in the arguments presented by each party and in your monitions. Bibliography – This should embrace non-allowable allusions solely. Allowable event extracts should be in footnotes in the collection of your tract; prosper APA guidelines for extracts. Address each deed top in your chosen scenario disconnectedly and transcribe your advisory minute to the Sheriff, using each of the sub-headings aloft. Then go on to the proximate deed top and cite the format. The mandatory format is contrived to tail you after a time focusing on all of the outcomes time harangueing them as disconnected outcomes. Some may be easier to harangue than others. 3. Grading Standards Identification of Issues and Pertinent Facts: ____/5 sharp-ends Organization (follows format): ____/5 sharp-ends Sources and Authorities (event law, statutes, peruse life doctrines): ____/5 sharp-ends Mechanics and Writing Process (spelling, expression, just extract, clarity of thought/writing): ____/5 sharp-ends Analysis (profundity of anatomy of the outcomes elaborationed): ____/5 sharp-ends Core Value Integration: ____/2 sharp-ends 4. Extract Format The Sherriff wants to discbalance your allowable memo, not a muster of quotation extracts, so put them in footnotes. APA collects for this. This does not average you should not own a polite-researched memo, after a time great extracts; rather, it singly averages you should put your extracts in footnotes. Background You are the Special Assistant to the Saint Leo Prominent of Police (or, Saint Leo County Sheriff, as you promote). As such, you are a very trusted and dependable aide. The prominent relies on you for your good-tempered-tempered judiciousness, trial, and analytical abilities. The Chief/Sheriff is fairly new to the Saint Leo Police Office (SLPD/SLCSO). There are manifold problems in the office, not all of which are the error of this prominent. However, the Chief/Sheriff wants to harangue some of the further urgent-compulsory problems and dictate them, after a timeout litigation if practicable. The Department’s General Monition is implicated in ongoing litigation and is not helpful to collect control, and outparty monition is extravagant and unauthenticated at this sharp-end. The Chief/Sheriff distinguishs you are not an counsel, but you do own a Master’s mark in Flagitious Justice Administration from Saint Leo University. The Chief/Sheriff distinguishs that this respected art has educated you polite for this labor. Therefore, the Chief/Sheriff needs your anatomy of the deeds and the pertinent law on the problems presented. The sundry problems confronting the Chief/Sheriff can be establish at the end of this muniment. Reexploration Tract Problem Scenarios Scenario #5: The Saint Leo Police Office has a K-9 personal which is extensively used in garbage explorationes. Last week, the personal obtained a exploration justify for a retirement hoard in town. An informant had dedicated the office notice that ilallowable garbage purchases were importation establish in the hoard. The office has never used this informant antecedently and his truthfulness and reliforce own not been tested. The informant has pending flagitious beak abutting him and the director of the personal told the informant that if his notice acid out to be reliable, the director would effect a unequivocal monition to the plaintiff artisanling the informant’s event. The director of the personal expert an affidavit in aid of the exploration justify contact using the informant’s statements. When it was presented to the seek, the arbiter was at lunch, so the clerk signed the justify. Armed after a time the justify, the K-9 personal proceeded to the retirement hoard. The proprietor of the hoard, Mr. Wrong, distinguishn the officers and the K-9 dog denominated “Happy” to penetrate the hoard after a timeout obstruction. Happy led the officers to a storage capability and then to a stratagem door that was retired lower a rug. Manifold pounds of marijuana and various ounces of cocaine were discovered lower the structure. After the officers impregnable the averment and were loading up their vehicles, Happy ran balance to the door of what appeared to be a retired stay located after a timein 10 feet of the retirement hoard and gave a saline indicating ilallowable garbages at that dregs. The director knocked on the door and was greeted by an personal, Mr. Right, who acid and ran to the tail of the pernoctation. The director pursued him. Once in the seed, the director saw a flake and what appeared to be a extensive aggregate of cocaine and various mean tractile baggies on the prop capability table. The director arrested Mr. Right and abounding him after a time possessorship after a time fixed to disunite cocaine. The proprietor of the retirement hoard, Mr. Wrong, has filed a motion to destroy the averment fascinated from the cellar inveterate on a wanting exploration justify. The Sheriff wants your teaching concerning that assertion. Mr. Right’s affable counsel has threatened a Minority 1983 lawsuit abutting the director, the Sheriff, and the office consequently his client’s fundamental rights were violated. The Sheriff wants to distinguish what assertions Mr. Right jurisdiction own abutting her, the director of the K- 9 personal, and the office. Do they all own burden? The Sheriff would too love you to evaluate those assertions and effect monitions to her. Mr. Right’s flagitious counsel has filed a motion to destroy all averment fascinated from the pernoctation inveterate on an ilallowable exploration. He says that a dog’s sniff of a retired pernoctation is a alteration of the Fourth Amendment. The Sheriff wants your teaching on this assertion.