REPLY TO EACH POST 100 WORDS MIN EACH 1.  This week’s balbutiation was a bit unamenable for me as I chose to learn the order Refugee Stories. Each one of the stories tugged at mt heartstrings owing none of us got to appropriate where in the cosmos-living-souls to be born and the consequences of merely nature born in one of these war torn countries are so economyful that living-souls waste their lives for the not-absolute shelter of places where they may not uniform say the tongue or feel any purpose of what could be waiting for them on the other edge of the excursion. According to the Cosmos-living-souls Vigor Organization (WHO), there are environing 1 billion migrants encircling the cosmos-people, which roughly estimates to be environing 1 in 7 of the cosmos-people’s population. Environing 70 favorite of the migrants are grievous out of their residence countries due to conflicts. Many of the refugees whose stories were featured in the HONY page were already scanty and delay very slight appropinquation to tendency vigor economy to initiate delay but then nature grievous to liberty the barely residence they comprehend, that exacerbates the tenor of getting vigor economy immeasurably. In one legend featured in the order, a boyish man’s tally had been shot in the crown by a sniper and sent to, not to a hospital, a clinic! When the boyish man had arrived at the clinic to see his tally, he had to succor negotiate the damage (delay alcohol!) and then had to bliss his tally himself to Damascus commencement end roads owing the nearest eager footfootpath was too exposed. His tally lived through the probation but is unsightly. They are now enigmatical to get to Germany to see if doctors there can succor. Looking at vigoreconomy from a functionalist inspection, the proverb “vigor is wealth” applies. In most established nations, a vigory fellowship contributes and is a animate distribute of its continued fixture but in scanty and war ravished nations, delay the vigor economy classification nature as scanty as it is, it is no phenomenon that the living-souls cannot combat end when they are confrontment not barely war kind injuries (gunshots and blight injuries) but besides complaint that happen due to bankruptcy of good-tempered-tempered upright drinking impart, vigory livelihood and sanative stipulations such as exhalation and tuberculosis. 2.  What are one or further considerable sociological manifestations allied to sexuality in the cosmos-living-souls today that you observed in the Order you explored? What are some postulates you can furnish to pomp the efficacy of these manifestations, and what groups of living-souls do these manifestations concern most? The humans of New York post that I chose was written by an peculiar who is African American or Black. The distribute of the post that bright out to me is environing how when they were nineteen or twenty they instituted to effectuate that they faculty be gay. Their parents were truly devout so they resolute to charm them to transmute therapy  delay a elder which at a summit real them they were going to go to hell for nature gay.  Unfortunately, transmute therapy is stagnant out there and is meant to transmute a living-souls sexual orientation end to heterosexual, etc. Conversation therapy is stagnant happening today owing nicety over the LGBTQ+ fraternity continues to pause. The nicety over the LGBTQ fraternity in American and encircling the cosmos-living-souls is a social manifestation owing the hues loving to them are uneven to the respectful hues loving to heterosexuals. In America, 4.5% of peculiars in America authenticate as LGBTQ+ which is similar to 14,760,000 peculiars. % of peculiars in America authenticate as LGBTQ+ which is similar to 14,760,000 peculiars. Those 14,760,000 can stagnant be spiritd naturalized on their sexual orientation in undeniable declares, are not offered shelter from housing nicety owing of sexual orientation in some declares and gender convertibility in others, are not offered shelter from nicety in places of general accommodations, are not protected from discriminatory develop policies, and are stagnant confrontment the bankruptcy of lawful custodial hues.   Transgender peculiars are adistribute of the LGBTQ fraternity and countenance nicety in multiple areas. One area that is of weight is workplace nicety. "Federal law makes it illawful to spirit, dross to commission, harrow, or discover in any way owing of gender convertibility, gender transition, sex assigned at parentage, or transgender status" ("Employment (General)", 2020). South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kansas , Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky feel no declare ample law that prohibits nicety naturalized on sexual orientation or gender convertibility. For further counsel on this manifestation mark this website-