REL 110

  Explain how and why Matthew may bear edited Mark's Gospel. Use the subjoined two sets of passages to patronage your right. According to conduct symbolicals (Bible, textbook, digital symbolicals linked beneath, etc.): 1. How and why would Matthew bear edited Mark 6:45-52 contrasted delay Matthew 14:25-27,32-33? 2. How and why would Matthew bear edited Mark 9:2-10 contrasted delay Matthew 17:1-13? Be firm to see between expatiation and plain quotes. Type a 350-750 expression brochure using MLA formatting. Submit the totald assignment to the divert Assignment box by no succeeding than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. Resources for this brochure: See the ebook via SLU library: New Testament History and Literature by Martin (2012), pp. 106-108. See the ebook via SLU library: The Gospels by Barton and Muddiman (2010), p. 56. Grading Rubric Accurate use of English including considerate documentation (including force to expatiation and use quotations) and amiable organizational contemplation. 40 pts Adequate exploration. 20 pts Accurate and total reflecting of symbolical decipher for assignment. 40 pts Saint Leo University