Reflection paper 1 (2 pages single spaced only) and a discussion 1 page double spaced  this is the name that you earn use it in the thought tract.  Consider the subjoined suggestions to regulate you through congeniality your thought tract.  Summarize the main theme Answer the subjoined questions using your ticklish thinking and analysis Should the Empire enact a key role in agreeable to the uninsured, or should market forces command principal? How should empire finance its efforts to aid the uninsured? How fur repress should the empire enjoy aggravate the special vigor insurance activity? How is the affordable heed act separate-among-among of the drift or separate-among-among of the breach to decent vigor heed donation in the United States? Brainstorming: mould connections among your passage, observations, experiences, or opinions and the name   DISCUSSION (ONLY I PAGE double spaced) A CEO of a horizontally integrated vigor heed form, in a gift to antecedent EMHA students, suggested that the men-folks receiving services at their facilities are 'actual unrepinings' for about 5% of the season they are at the quickness and for the interval of the season they are unconcealed consumers.  Because unrepining content is one of their strategic views, the CEO explained that discourseing this view begins precedently people smooth get to the parking lot. For example: Are phone calls answered in seasonly fashion; what is the pitch of the respondent on the call; how seasonly are appointments; is there refreshment of parking; what are the attitudes of the valets, receptionists' substance language; do heed providers mould eye contact; does the heed team answer kempt and competent; is the clinical scrutinize (the 5%) rushed; how are obscure financial issues handled; etc.  How can a vigorheed form discourse all these, as well-mannered-mannered as the other unlisted issues, extraneously getting bogged down in minutia? What are your thoughts?