reaserch paper

   3-4 pages— MLA FORMAT Length: at meanest 3- 4 pages after a while at LEAST SIX references. There are two basic tasks to design in this pamphlet:  – To define this question or crop as palpably and concisely as potential for the limited reception; in other control, to discipline your reception environing this question as completely as potential ardent the measure constraints. – To mould a compelling, biased, and self-evident plight explaining explicit and not-so-explicit reasons this crop is expressive. Choose a question from the inventory of Discovery Topics provided Research pamphlet questions 1-Attachment doctrine and rhapsodical relationships 2-Benefits of laughter/therapeutic appraise of laughter 3-Bullying and Parenting Style 4-Media Images and Beauty Standards and its goods on Body Image  5-Media Images and Eating Disorders 6-Music and learning 7-Music and memory 8-Sport Participation and Self Esteem Is in MLA format - 3 to 4 pages YOU MUST DO YOUR RESEARCH ON PROQUEST.  DO NOT USE INTERNET SOURCES AS SOME MAY NOT BE CREDIBLE.   -Create your delineation for your discovery pamphlet. YOUR OUTLINE MUST HAVE  A THESIS STATEMENT : BE SURE IT INCLUDES AN INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION.