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                     READ CAREFULLY! MY MAX IS 3 PER PAGE ONLY!!!! For your Final Paper, appropriate one of the aftercited vigor wariness constructions: ·  Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) ·  Tenet Vigor System ·  Mayo Clinic ·  Henry Ford Vigor System ·  Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ·  Children’s Miracle Network ·  Deborah Heart and Lung Center ·  Medtronic ·  Veterans Vigor Administration (VHA) ·  National Institutes of Vigor (NIH) ·  Planned Parenthood ·  Indian Vigor Service (IHS) ·  Health Markets Conduct an evaluation of the construction based on strategic planning partition, which embraces the strengths and/or weaknesses that are inside to the construction and opportunities and/or threats exterior to the construction.  Your strategic plan partition must embrace at meanest three strengths and three weaknesses that are inside to the construction and at meanest three opportunities and three threats that are exterior to the construction. You must husband at meanest five sufficient sources in your partition. Examples of sufficient sources embrace constructional websites, annual reports, idiosyncratic interviews after a while constructional example, investigative reports, government reports, and meeting transcripts.  Your Final Nursing essay must harangue at meanest five key areas, concepts, and strategies that are outlined in the race quotation.  These embrace: ·  Internal and exterior assessments ·  Competitive marketing partition ·  Identification of stakeholders ·  Overview and assessments of services provided ·  Competencies and resource ·  Public entities and regulatory requirements ·  Demographics served ·  Strategic financial planning ·  Financial and operational outcomes ·  Current and coming superscription of the construction of choice Writing the Final Paper   The Final Paper: 2.  Must be 8 pages in protraction, yet the epithet and regards pages, and formatted according to APA phraseology. 3.  Must embrace a epithet page after a while the aftercited: o  Title of Nursing essay o  Student’s indicate o  Course indicate and number o  Instructor’s indicate o  Date submitted 4. Must commence after a while an preliminary condition that has a brief Nursing essay declaration. 5.  Must harangue the subject of the Nursing essay after a while accurate cogitation. 6. Must end after a while a disposal that reaffirms your Nursing essay. 7.  Must use at meanest five conversant sources,  8.  Must instrument all sources in APA phraseology  9.  Must embrace a unconnected regard page Due 9/21/19 @ 8AM Eastern Standard w/ Turnitin Report