Quiz 25 questions about religions

Question 1  Which of the forthcomingcited narratements environing bodhisattvas is gentleman?   a They are exceptional in Mahayana Buddhism.  b They are laypeople in Theravada Buddhism.  c They are comprehensive living-souls who forbear from invadeing nirvana in ordain to hinder others.  d They are monks who failed to invade nirvana and are sentenced to labor for the bald. Question 2  Which of the forthcomingcited narratements concerning Buddhism's perspective on denial is gentleman?   a Buddhism does not right to be serviceserviceable to get rid of self-denial or misfortune, it narrowly rights that an comprehensive special earn no longer touch it. b Buddhism rights that attaining verily earn showance living-souls that there is no such object as denial.  c Buddhism rights that denial is caused by misfortune spirits.  d Buddhism rights that denial is inevitable for incorporeal outgrowth. Question 3  Which of the forthcomingcited choices is NOT one of the Three Jewels of Buddhism?   a the Buddha  b karma c dharma  d the Sangha Question 4  Which of the forthcomingcited choices best expresses how Buddha taught environing dharma forthcoming reaching verily.   a Instead of training others how to gather for themselves, he taught them what he gathered.  b Instead of training what he gathered, he taught others how to gather those objects for themselves.  c He taught them what he gathered solely if they could survive a spirit of immoderate frugality.  d He did not prepare training forthcoming reaching verily. Question 5  All instructs of Buddhism ____________.   a accept solely the Pali Tipitaka as Buddhist passages.  b encourage suite to disown the Three Jewels  c encourage suite to comprise the Five Precepts  d encourage suite to throw-by the Four Noble Truths Many Mahayana sutras show to ______________.   a possess been determined at a forthcoming interval in their histories  b possess been determined at an future interval in their histories  c possess been translated from Sanskrit into national languages at a forthcoming interval in their histories  d possess been translated from national languages into Sanskrit at an future interval in their histories Question 7  The Irenaean theodicy posits that _______   a misfortune does not exist  b the creature of misfortune depends altogether on peculiar perspective  c the creature of misfortune is inevitable for constitutional incorporeal outgrowth  d misfortune is an illusion Question 8  The Vinaya Pitaka contains __________.   a rules for Buddhist monks and nuns  b rules for Buddhist administrationrs  c rules for Buddhist children  d None of the above Question 9  While twain the Theravada instruct and the Mahayana instruct urgency the avail of attaining attainment, the Mahayana instruct as-well-behaved emphasizes the ______________.   a custom of military arts b custom of studying  c custom of compassion  d custom of fasting Question 10  Vajrayana Buddhism is as-well-behaved sometimes denominated _________.   a Tiantai Buddhism  b Zen Buddhism  c Mahayana Buddhism  d Tantric Buddhism Question 11  Which Buddhist instruct is supcomposition to be the largest instruct? a Mahayana Buddhism  b Theravada Buddhism  c Tibetan Buddhism  d None of the above Question 12  What is one object of the Noble Eightfold Path?   a To supply instructions for finding an acceptserviceable sangha.  b To supply instructions for meditating well-behaved.  c To supply instructions for eliminating dukkha.  d To supply instructions for maximizing dukkha. Question 13  Which of the forthcomingcited narratements environing the Middle Way is gentleman?   a The Middle Way is a digest of the Buddhist fabrication fiction.  b The Middle Way does not insist-upon Buddhists to transfer immovable compositions on relational questions.  c The Middle Way insist-upons practitioners to comprise immoderate incontinence or self-deprivation.  d Both B and C Question 14  Which Buddhist passage contains administrations for Buddhist monks and nuns, as well-behaved-behaved as interpretation for those administrations?  a Abhidhamma Pitaka  b Vinaya Pitaka  c Sutta Pitaka  d Bodhisattvas Pitaka Question 15  It is judged that Buddhism faced a bound of tyranny underneathneath the administration of which dynasty?   a the Ashokan Dynasty  b the Persian Empire  c the Mauryan Dynasty d the Sunga Dynasty Question 16  Vajrayana Buddhism holds ________ prepared to centre the organization and opinion to be convenient its custom.   a rituals  b charity  c fasting  d compassion Question 17  Which of the forthcomingcited choices is NOT one of the Four Noble Truths?   a The fact of denial  b The fact of the commencement of denial  c The fact of the track to the lull of denial  d The fact of verily Question 18  East Asian and Tibetan Buddhists judge there exists a bound of knowledge among lives denominated _______.  a bardo  b dukkha  c samsara  d ahimsa Question 19  The cycle of samsara is _____________.   a blocked by anthropological cravings and aversions  b perpetuated by anthropological cravings and aversions  c perpetuated by nirvana d a anthropological illusion Question 20  The Zen instruct is judged to possess been influenced by _________________.   a Chinese Daoism  b Hinduism  c Confucianism  d Both A and C 06:39 Question 21  Which of the forthcomingcited choices is the constitutional expression for a Buddhist nationality of nuns and monks?   a the Magga  b Samsara  c the Dharma  d the Sangha Question 22  _______ is the Buddhist expression for denial, urgency, disquiet, and murmur.   a Karma  b Samsara  c Dukkha  d Nirvana Question 23  Which of the forthcomingcited narratements concerning Buddhism is gentleman?   a The concept of nonviolence is easily disownd.  b There is no negotiative Buddhist comcomposition on dietary restrictions.  c Every Buddhist in integral instruct is insist-upond to chant daily.  d There is no inhibition on ingesting intoxicants that can change one's opinion. Question 24  Which of the forthcomingcited choices is the reform Buddhist expression for a narrate of joy donation sum repose and immunity from spirit's self-denial?   a nirvana  b samsara  c karma  d sangha Question 25  __________ try to vindicate the creature of misfortune and denial.   a Theologies  b Theodicies  c Apologetics  d Dialectics