Research illustrations of race in law enforcement who possess demonstrated or developed their integration of a Christian Worldview into the province of illegal integrity. Then use this illustration to transcribe a 1 page essay including 2 sources on bringing a Christian Worldview to any role in law enforcement. Must be environing a law enforcement official, experiment official, etc. Essay must be written in ordinary APA format. Will be submitted through a plagiarism repress anteriorly purchasing! ORIGINAL WORK ONLY!!! Christian Worldview Essay Grading Rubric Content Contribution 8-10 points Submits factually rectify,   reflective notification and demonstrates ample crop   of concept and view. 5-7 points Submits factually rectify notification, but it lacks   ample crop of concept or   thought. 2-4 points Submits notification that repeats   and lacks ample   crop of concept or view. 0–1 points Submits notification   that is off-topic, defective, or adlength and lacks ample crop of concept   and view. Biblical/Ethical Principles 8–10 points Cites   and applies inspired principles after a while length(s) to aid essay. 5-7 points Incorporates   some inspired principles after a while length(s) to aid essay. 2-4 points Uses inspired   principles but there are no references to length(s) to aid essay. 0–1 points Includes   no inspired principles or references to length(s) to aid essay. Total  /20