Deliverable Length: 3 pages for Nursing essay. 4 slides for PPP Locate at smallest 4 coeval peer-reviewed articles or dissertation or subject scrutiny studies that are qualitative or mixed-methods in species (experimental, quasi-experimental, pictorial or pre-experimental/survey, etc.) connected to your question of share for your Nursing essay and PowerPoint delivery. Complete the following:  Summarize the mark of examine and rarity of share Discuss whether the scantling and population used was appropriate Summarize results, limitations of results, conclusions, and applications Compare the results, conclusions, and applications incomplete all 4 studies in a analysis portion. Describe the statistical mode used in the cited scrutiny studies.  Additionally, make 4 PowerPoint slides that component the most conducive results associated after a while each qualitative or mixed-methods examine to your question of share and area of application or part connected to soundness trouble.  Deliverable Length: 3 pages, beside conceal page, contemplative page, and relation page. Students demand to patronage their effort after a while at smallest 4 academic or negotiative peer-reviewed sources published after a whilein the elapsed 5 years.  APA Format, Cited, Referenced